Feedback Solution

The profound tool to your feedback solution in one easy chain.With one approach address your respondents and get feedback, analysis and documentation to your needs. The transformation from facts in one feedback solution.


Create coherence between
businesses and people

Turn Problems Into
Better Solutions

Create profound and unforgettable alignment - from feedback analyzed and documented in Real-time.
With the only tool that builds an unbroken chain through people.

The transformation with a Feedback solution.

The ability to use real-time data and facts, get at strong insight and now where your supplier and customers are heading. The feedback solution takes you ahead and allows you to align early easy and smooth. Capture and address right actions points before they become a pain.

The key is - How fast you know
We streamline Feedback into analysis
And documentation

Feedback in Real-time analyzed and documented.

The Solution

Profound insight into facts, trends and changes.

The chain

Coherence between business
& people

The culture

A Feedback Tool
With Real-time
analysis and documentation

Feedback solution is in demand where the need to adapt, improve and get ahead matters.

Where no time can be lost to get the insight and facts.

Supplier Risk

Improve the insigght, Map out your risks and start corrective actions from analysis and feedback.


Make feedback part of your sustainability solution - get the documentation you need.

Set Your ESG point

Best practice, with multi-engagement - Informative insight.

The Map
The Profound Feedback Solution

A feedback solutions makes it easy and smooth to get the insight and facts into changes from suppliers, employees and customers.

The feedback solutions aligns with people or business from facts today.

Changes are constantly:

A feedback solution is needed where changes are happening faster – supplier risk, prices and supply chain  – the insight and facts in demand to make the right decisions.

Real-time insight and facts can save time and money.

With our profound Feedback Solution tool you can easily get the overview in real-time.

The feedback solution tool can gather,analyze and document flexible with an easy to access portal.

Read the blog and get more insight and facts to how real-time analysis and documentation can support your value chain.

Read the blogs

Build the sustainability chain from facts and insight in real-time

Who is Flexco?

Leading the transformation of
FEEDBACK in real-time
into a chain of analysis and documentation

The Help To Gather The information
Analyze and Document It - In Real-time

Build a strong value chain

Real-time From one point of contact build the value chain created from real-time facts and insightful feedback from the right source. Access people anywhere at anytime and get their feedback to support your decision making, improvements and compliance.

Save time and money

The facts you need today – analyzed and documented with minimum risk. Get the feedback analyzed and documented as defined. Pioneering from profound facts and insight direct from source, without wasting pressures time on analysis and documentation. This is real-time.

Feedback the key to alignment

Feedback in forms of assessment, protocols, checks and surveys. The key to alignment and profound performance for your business. It’s a resilient way of building a chain of sustainability for ESG reporting.

Feedback in real-time

Gather analyze and document your facts and insight in a strong value chain.

One chain with one approach – easy to align from and find right actions points at all times.

The facts you need now…