Feedback collect and analyze in real-time

Feedback concepts, gather and analyze information real-time to align.

Through Feedback

Work with us and get ahead. With feedback find the opportunities, minimize risk and align the business the agile way.
Set up your assessment feedback today and start harvesting all the benefits from real-time insight, automatized analysis and validation files.

Everything A Business Needs

Compliance Through People

Simplified and easy to Gather And Analyze The Information You Need In Real-time

Feedback analysis

Customer Experience

With our solutions you can now easily engage with your customers, listen to their needs and desire and be able to get the insight atomized analyzed, saving time and ressources.

Analysis to gain feedback

Supplier Monitoring

Get the insight to your needs for supplier alignment, validation, offer your team a tool that smooth hands out the right negotiation points, and improves quality. saves 40% in time.


Employee Feedback

Engagement with employees, know their moves, needs and experience. Gain clarity from insight and facts and focus on skills and culture to drive transformations.

The key to align is feedback.

Compliance through people. Get the feedback from your employees, suppliers and customers. The agile way to align and build a resilient business. The insight and fact you gain allow to pivot and match new needs and desires. At Flexco we see it work, set up of assessments, implementation and on-going.

Feedback takes you ahead.

Real-time insight. The insight into what is, interactivity allows the asking part to take ownership of the process. Effective feedback shows you the current level of performance, and lets you know what must be done to reach a higher level.

Make it clear.

From insight and facts move ahead, improve and enhance, whether it is an individual, group, business, business unit, company, or organization your get information that can be used to make better-informed decisions our concepts offer you compliance through people.

Start working the feedback concepts for compliance through people?

Reach us today and begin your feedback-journey.

At Flexco we support you throughout the whole process.
From the initial introduction to your new software until you feel completely comfortable using our software in your daily routine. Set up your assessment feedback today and start harvesting all the benefits from real-time insight, automatized analysis and validation files. This is compliance through people.

Validation, Compliance And Agile Alignment Across

1. Growing Demand For Products

The customer value chain is the core driver and real-time information the insight you need.

2. Increased Pressure To Reduce Cost

Real-time analysis direct from source enhance the ability to forecast and pivot changes.

3. Improve Quality And Documentation

The need for real-time validation to provide documentation from facts and evidence.

4. Improve Capability and Expertise

The need to align across the business with partners, suppliers for customers benefits. Compliance through people.

Assessments to gather the feedback

Some of our users save more than 30 hours per month thanks to automatized feedback and files! We support your team and organization as long as needed until they have full advantage of the features. Our concepts free resources to focus on solutions and higher business performance from compliance through people.

The Clear Benefits – Discover and gain the insight

Where employee performance depends on the documentation availability. With structured feedback analyzed in real-time get all the benefits to stay ahead in the curve for business performance.

Gain the clarity and overview from:

  • Data-driven decision-making.
  • Early see trends and changes.
  • Organizing a large amount of data.
  • Model management managing versions, deployment, and execution of analysis.
  • Code-free self-service analysis.
  • The assumption from everyone, teams or units.
  • Focus on employee skills and culture to drive transformations.


Strategy and right initiatives:

Insight,  facts visibility in the processes and procedures must support stakeholders take actions that support initiatives the right way forward. How many times have you not initiated action points that did not give the outcome you were seeking. Especially procurement know about savings, cost reduction, and optimization of the processes and procedures.

It’s all in the feedback and with feedback analyzed in real-time indicators are fast discovered and can be addressed as needed and wanted.

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Customer Feedback

At Flexco we understand the need to align with a new tool and from start and ongoing we have support to ensure the agile way.

Start harvesting all the benefits form real-time feedback.

Gives you early indicators.

Takes you ahead.

Align with stakeholders for customer needs.

Suppliers Feedback

Monitor your suppliers to optimize performance, minimize risk, and see trends early.
At Flexco we support from start to everyone are comfortable using the tool. Start getting the benefits.

Pre qualification. ( save 40% time)

Monitoring, remote inspection, onsite audits. ( Minimize risk- Speed insight)

Quality Assessments. ( roadmap and save 60% time)

Procurement RFI. ( auto analysis - 45% time savings)

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Employee Feedback

Engage deep with your employees and know what they need to fulfill their tasks. Do they have the IT-tools they need? Improve performance and engagement a new agile way. Avoid stress and sick-days from alignment with your employees. Grow a resilient business.

Employee Survey

Re-onboarding - the feedback your business needs

Check-list - protocols and training - to stay ahead

More Value
More Benefits

Validation and Evidence

Alignment and Resilience

A professional approach

" The agile way". Compliance through people.
Gather and analyze the information in real-time from suppliers, employees and customers get to know what is to move your business ahead to what can be with minimum risk.

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Always people support:

We ensure the concept END-TO-END

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The benefits you get with

Through People

Rapidly answer to various stakeholders across the organization

The overview and facts

Quality and validation

Own your data, tailored to your needs

Pharma - FMCG - CDMO -

Flexco is with you, set up the assessments.


The concepts.

Work very well for pharmaceutical industry – food service as those industries are use to working with assessments and knows the the need to comply. With real-time analysis the savings is 40-60% depending on areas of task.

Not only can structured feedback give you savings in time and resources it offers better quality from minimized risk and human error.

Flexco will continue to improve and work out concepts where compliance through people are in demand.

Our concepts do not change the process and procedure, what we do is improve quality time and price for the information and insight you need today.  Every one can now get the analysis they need as they need it, to improve their performance and without spending more time .

We use the solutions to help businesses agile gain insight and facts and find all hidden opportunities and potential across the business
Craft and cultivate strength through out the business to ensure engagement and alignment.
Board - Bestyrelse og innovation
Ensure specifications and demands with customers and clients. There can be no mistakes.