Flexco data collection and analysis in real-time

Flexco is a data handling software, that will deliver all of the collecting and analysis you need in your tender, production, manufacturing, risk assessments and quality control.

Data-Driven Insight And Facts

Improve Business Performance Unlock Feedback
From Customers, Suppliers, Vendors and Partners.

Feedback direct from source analyzed in real-time
The insight to align TODAY!

Your Questions Answered And Analyzed On Return

Is Everything To Your Business

You are expected to :

Rapidly answer to various stakeholders across the organization

Have the overview and facts

Make strategic decisions in relation to emerging market trends.

Be flexible and change to new needs

alignment with management

Customer Analysis

The chance to engage with your customers, in a whole new degree across from a click.

align from facts

Supplier Analysis

The opportunity to align needs and demands with your suppliers and vendors.

define you alignment

Organization Analysis

Engagement with your employees and know their moves needs and experience.

What is a Feedback-software Tool
and why you need it

The Feedback Software helps you measure in-the-moment feedback and allocate the right resources and drive action going forward while you save time and optimize performance. Here is the analysis you can do in real-time.

Quality analysis

Stakeholder management

Procurement RFI

Procurement RFQ

Customer Analysis

Supplier Analysis

Employee Analysis

Tracking Analysis

Make Insight-based Decisions

Extend engagement and alignment

IRT- Overview with facts

Decisions based on facts

Pivot as needed

the Demo

The Overview
To Action

We offer a proven method to gain and analyze
from a click on a bottom. Feedback direct from the source will track down hard-to-find problems and
enable alignment.

4 reasons
Why, IRT (real-time) data collection and analysis
is the alignment across your business

alignment with management

Growing Demand For Products​

Real-time analysis direct from source enhance the ability to forecast and pivot changes.

Increased Pressure To Reduce Cost​

The customer value chain is the core driver and real-time information the insight you need.

Improve Quality And Documentation

The small piece of software that analyze information and provides the documentation.

Improve Capability and Expertise

Gain the alignment across the business, align with partners, suppliers for customers benefits.

Facts And Insight

Have the overview the moment your customer, employees, suppliers
vendors give you their response. This is IRT solutions.

Checklist, protocols and training a smooth way to ensure involvement and update.

Ask stakeholders, suppliers, and vendors and gain the insight to negotiate.

Ask employees and start building the employee road-map experience.

Ask your customers and on return have all answers analyzed and filed.

Road-map from assessments gain the insight and facts the business needs to steer and control going forward.

Road-map from assessments gain the insight and facts the business needs for documentation

Overall overview and insight

Courses And Training

alignment with management

Alignment From Insight

Take training in how to build and evaluate the chain, how can data-driven insight from source analyzed in real-time help your business do better?

align from facts

Supplier Alignment

Why is real-time analysis the key to get the right demand and specification. How to smooth the alignment with suppliers and document your metric.

define you alignment

Organization Alignment

Source insight strengthen the organization and optimize insight from facts and evidence. The alignment across. in a smooth and ongoing process..

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