Feedback collect and analyze in real-time

Flexco delivers feedback concepts, gather and analyze information real-time as you need from employees, suppliers and customers - as well as risk assessments and quality control for compliance.

We Are Committed
To Get You The Feedback

Feedback from Customers, Suppliers, and Employees; Unlocks opportunities, minimizes risk and supports building business performance. We get the Feedback direct, and analyzed in real-time as you need.

Everything Your Business Needs

When You Need
An Agile Way To Align

Analysis s

Customer Experience

Engage with your customers, and gain their feedback - Follow their needs -

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Supplier Feedback

Supplier alignment, validation, service match, right negotiation points, quality and compliance.


Employee Feedback

Engagement with your employees and know their moves needs and experience.

Some of our users save more than 30 hours per month thanks

to automatized feedback and files! Our tool free the resources to focus on goals and higher performance.

Our Mission
Is to Provide you with a Professional Approach to Collaboration and Compliance

Answers analyzed and documented in real-time helps you enhance alignment and engagement with employees, suppliers and most important Customers " the agile way".

Feedback -T- Agile

Overview - Flexibility - Control - To Compliance

Finds trends and moves

Give you validation, Insight and facts

Open hidden opportunities

Customer Feedback

Gives you early indicators to work with

Insight - What you need to know!

Stakeholder management - Where do you need to align

Supplier Engagement

Pre-Qualification - Assessments for compliance

Supplier Assessments - Monitoring and alignment

Quality Assessments Validation

Procurement RFI - All analysis in realtime

Employee Experience Feedback

Employee Survey

Re-onboarding - the feedback your business needs

Check-list - protocols and training - to stay ahead

So Easy So Simple

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People support:

Training and Feedback - We team up all the way.

More Value More Benefits

Validation and Evidence to extend your compliance to law, legislation and guidelines

Alignment and Resilient - The way you speak from real-time insight opens for dialog, negotiation and higher performance.

Own your data and facts


The Software does the analysis on return. It write and individual report, and it makes a back-log validation file. Compliance is the the to success.

How much time do you spend on analysis that you could spend on addressing progress? We believe you can save 45% resources and gain max support from Real-time insight.

Speak From Facts

The Feedback Software helps you measure in-the-moment

Allocate the right resources and drive action going forward while you save time and optimize performance.

One approach define apply and record. Smooth and easy gain alignment and compliance,
with ISO standards, laws and regulations as validation of GMP, GDP.


Let your team unlock potential, flexibility, quality

Validation, Compliance And Agile Alignment Across

Feedback and alignment with management

1. Growing Demand For Products

Real-time analysis direct from source enhance the ability to forecast and pivot changes.

2. Increased Pressure To Reduce Cost

The customer value chain is the core driver and real-time information the insight you need.

3. Improve Quality And Documentation

The need for validation to provide information and documentation from facts and evidence.

4. Improve Capability and Expertise

The need to align across the business with partners, suppliers for customers benefits.


Rapidly answer to various stakeholders across the organization

The overview and facts

Quality and validation

Own your data, tailored to your needs

The Agile

Way To


Feedback To Comply:

/ Pharmaceutical- for assessments to compliance

/ CDMO- for assessments, protocols to compliance

/ FMCG- for assessments, protocols to compliance

What they say and how they use us..

We use the feedback solutions to help businesses agile gain insight and facts and find all hidden opportunities and potential across the business
Craft and cultivate strength through out the business to ensure engagement and alignment.
Bestyrelse og innovation
Feedback used to ensure specifications and demands with customers and clients. There can be no misakes.