Flexco With Analytics In Real-time


Empower Your Teams Across
with a tool to Gather and Analyze Information In Real-time

A new generation of data-security and behavior

Real-time Data Aggregation And  Analytics

Offers You To Make Smarter, Better And Safer Solutions Across

Think about where you need to be able to act faster and more flexibly with more options.

Provide and gain clarity into suppliers, customers and employees

Real-time Information

Analyzes information as entered, you can during the meetings, the inspection or the audit align on strategic scopes, problem solving, and results and report are generated automatically.

It helps understand gaps, and deviations through engagement and enables to take immediate action in real time. Or set up on-going monitoring and collection of the information you need

A LeapFrog

  • Engage unlimited suppliers in real-time
  • A stronger focus on strategic aims
  • Simplify assessment, protocol or check list
  • Control over back logs
  • Blueprint creates more value with an easy interface and gains insight into suppliers, vendors and partners

It’s all about

the right information at the right time

  • Easily connect with new suppliers, vendors, and partners
  • Easy interface allows you to act and adjust while saving time
  • Ensure that the right topics and issues are addressed

Data - Is Said To Be One Of The Most Valuable Resources
In Businesses Today

We offer you tools

to make decisions based on insight from real-time 

3 Industries

Where prime-data analyzed in Real-time makes

a significant difference

Are you still waiting for analysis?
To get insight to make the right decisions

With our Tools you gather and analyze information in real-time

and more you get blue-print, back-log and created reports all from prime-data to give the most valid results and minimize risk and it is all in real-time

Which tools and solutions

are you using to help you gather information and gain insight and facts?

and how much time do you spend on analysis?

Real-time Data
A Competitive Advantage
"No" More Waiting

Gather information

from the right source the first time

No, more waiting for the analysis, data cleaning nor seeking the right data. Get it right the first time.

FlecoGroupConcepts ™

Gather Information and Analyze in Real-time

Do you need a tool:

That can help you pre-qualified and monitor suppliers analyzed in real-time?

Do you need a tool:

That can help you gain stakeholder alignment and overview?

Do you need a tool:

That can help you do quick Inspections and audits ?

Analyzing portal that gathers and analyze data in real-time

Safe engagement no files or e-mails flowing the internet

Ensuring safe storage, structure and access across the world

The process
that gives you insight in real-time


The key to make smarter decision
is insight and facts
from real-time information