Flexco With Analytics In Real-time

Across Contries
and Industuries

Align from Real-time Insight

Real-time Data aggregation with analytics in real-time changes

– you can now make better decision and act smarter- instant insight facts and evidence into suppliers, vendors, customers, stakeholders and employees.

Think about
where you need to be able to act faster
and more flexibly with more options.
This will provide clarity for both your customers and employees while ensure the continue to focus on having a value-adding position in the market.

Data Is Said To Be One

Of The Most Valuable Resources
In Businesses Today

Prime Data Aggregation

How to gather the prime data and how to be the first to access valid insight facts and evidence, the information can change the decisions and choices. Primary information gathered and obtained directly from the source means that you are the first party to get access to the information and use the data.


Supplier, Vendors, Customer Employees Insight

Get insight into suppliers, partners, vendors, and customers with real-time data aggregation. Make a one approach one standard and gather the information you need.


Develop and Maintain Compliance

This primary data source for assessments, risk assessments protocols and checklist. Real-time data aggregation is gathering analyze and report in one flow, it simplifies process and procedures to 3 steps approach.


How Real-time
Benefit Instant Insight

Across organization and countries gain instant insight

Instant overview into suppliers, vendors, partners and affiliates

Instant overview into processes and procedures

Which tools and solutions are you using to help you gather information and gain insight and facts?

Information Access time

One of the most important tools are the tools to collect the data as well as analyzing, activating, and organizing the data.

The easy 3 step model – define apply and record.


Who can gain and analyze the data

The management portal can be used by anyone anywhere anytime. From a simple 3 step model define apply and record the real-time aggregation tools handles the gathering the analyzing and the reports .

It opens for a new way to clarity and transparency without having to build hours of excel files and analyzing.


Easy to access and use

The prime portal Pellucid is tailored to your company outlook and it helps facilitate easy and smooth all steps and to provide you with support to gather the information you need.


The optional data-gathering the flexibility in results building and the choice for further analysis makes the portal a strong provider of insight facts and evidence for every area in a Pharmaceutical – FOOD  or Industrial business.


With the flexibility to choose which portal version suits best for the actual task.


The portal makes it remarkably simple from a 3-step model – define apply and record. The interface is as simple as plug-and-work

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Gather data in real-time offers prime data access for smarter decisions based on insight and facts,  while saving time and money. Add time where it makes a difference, optimize performance and minimize risks. Insight, and evidence can simplify the decision process and help make a smarter decisions while optimizing financial goals and profit.


  • Simplify process and procedure
  • Extend credibility
  • Expand Overview
  • Real-time foundation

 Real-time information will support compliance and help organizations into a new era of facts insight and efficiency gains with perpetual upskilling to scale top-line growth, bottom-line return.

Build Sustainable

Analytics based on data from this week

Solve: The concept supports areas where real-time information benefits the decisions, as remote and onsite inspection, insights worldwide, on approach with answers, and overview in real-time while saving time and minimizing risk.

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A Game-Changer

Gather – Analyze and gain results in real-timeT. No more wasting time on all the data you are not going to use.


Virtual Spectacle Glasses

The virtual Spectacle glasses offers the virtual insight to solve the real problems or gain the insight needed to make the decisions.

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If insight and facts can support your decision. If new data can help improve process and If insight into today’s facts can support your procedure. Then maybe this is for you.


I you like to be in control of facts and insight to make decisions going forward. We can help.



Make Better Decisions from Real-time facts insight

We help our customers optimize performance, while saving time and money. We gather the best to deliver secure and solid solution.  We hold the experience to to build concepts to lead the transformation in compliance. (with focus to 3 industries with same demands and specifications)


Our concepts combine products and services to ensure compliance and real-time. We build sustainable solutions that can be used worldwide


Departments who can benefit from our solutions:

Procurement, Quality Department, Stakeholder Management, HR and Supply Chain

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