Feedback, documentation, analysis in real-time - Concepts to get facts easy.

Feedback CAPTURE Real-time

Through People

Get insight in real-time,
Agile be flexible and dynamic to change.

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5 steps into 1 step
Gather, Feedback, Analyze, Report and Documentation in real-time.
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Get feedback

Customers Move?

Improve Business – Know their moves and needs. Get the feedback and documentation to optimize your chain from sourcing to delivery.

align from facts and feedback

Supplier Compliance?

Minimize Risk Ask the right people, the right questions to support your chain across. Address key points and improve the business.

get feedback to align and build sustainability

Employee Who Align?

Optimize Performance Know their experience and needs to business improvements. With us agile and resilient dive deep and align.

The 5 Strong Features
To Build The Evidence Story.

capture real-time information

An easy tool with one approach

In real-time Tie, it all together, build a sustainable evidence plan from behavior analysis.


Know The Changes


84% of the CEO’s do not trust the data quality from which they base decisions. (KPMG-2016 Global outlook)

>> Get prime data and valid information.


Data-driven business have 6 times higher likelihood to understand their customers needs. (Mckinsey, The age of analytics)

>> Simplify the way to gain insight from customers, suppliers and employees.

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Customer Feedback

How is your customers changing?

Get the insight.

Improve the whole supply chain from information,  services, products, and performance.

Let your customers give you benefits and their experience to improve and build an evidence generation plan.

At Flexco we understand the need for alignment and how important real-time feedback and evidence are.

Suppliers Compliance

Build the evidence plan for your products and services. Monitor suppliers, optimize business insight and performance, and risk assessments.

At Flexco, We set you up we work with how to get the answers to your needs and we support from start to everyone are comfortable using the tool. Start getting the benefits today.

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Employee Facts

Involve and connected with your employees and know their needs to fulfill improvements and tasks.

Ask the right questions and get involved the agile way with your teams.

  • Do not ask, if they understand?
  • Ask what they need to do a better job?
  • Ask what they see?

Improve performance and engagement a new agile way. Avoid stress and sick-days from alignment with your employees.

Focus tasks-base and build sustainability from solid facts and feedback.

"The only thing " that can give you insight
into changes is feedback"

Real-time analysis and documentation worldwide feedback

A simplified solution guaranteed to give feedback documentation and analysis in real-time.


Compliance through people is how we build the evidence chain. A tool to ensure your sustainability plan, whistleblowing, and worldwide documentation.

Real-time feedback aligns the Insight, facts visibility in the processes and procedures must support stakeholders take actions that support initiatives the right way forward.

The solution:

Must be a simple method to get complete analyses, worldwide documentation, and evidence.

Must be:

  • GDPR safe.
  • Safe to provide information, with minimal risk.
  • Easy for the recipient to respond.
  • Easy to complete responses from customers, suppliers, and employees.
  • Simple and easy to use for the employees who need it.
  • Resilient and build up skills within the company.
  • Easy to get the right information as securely and quickly as possible.

Be the first to know at all times with real-time feedback and evidence.

Get feedback analyzed in real-time, indicators are fast discovered, addressed the needs. Improve performance and the ROI.

When it comes to reaching a sustainable solution, the challenges are clear. The goals are clear and the solutions seem clear, so what is holding you back?

Validation and Evidence

Alignment and Resilience

In Real-time get analysis and documentation
to address right actions point.

capture real-time information

Through People
Is Sustainable

The benefits you get with data-driven
feedback in real-time and evidence.

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