About us

Flexco is a start-up company and an umbrella of 5 companies.

Flexco supports they whole supply chain in Pharm and other industries where compliance is in need.

Flexco link companies together for the right performance. We help source the right tool and services departments, organizations and businesses.

We unite competence for solid sustainable solutions


To help companies Gain insight and evidence from data to ensure the Supply Chain integrity and sustainability End-To-End


We believe the Digital Evolution, transformation and turn data into evidence and insight in compliance and customer experience.

Since process validation

Sets the stage for ongoing defect-free actions  and many are involved we help gather the informaton and analyse them automatically


Functions will benefit

From this practical approach of performing validations as well as providing documentation as proof of compliance


Contact and data


Wiedersvej 6
2791 Dragor

+45 2970 4767
+45 2078 0780

CVR: 14886389


614 Drake Lane
Dunedin 34698


+1 727 3008443

Our experience

I use the software for assessments and check-list. It is so easy to work with and I have realtime analysis
Jens M. Poulsson
Product Manager
We use the system to source all items in, we hold and get all informaton in one.
Makes it simple
John D Haisen
Sourcing Director
Procurement lead always challenging priceses and quality. We use the system as consultants our customers get answers in realtime
Berit Ladefoged
CEO and Senior Consultant