Monitoring Feedback introduction.


MONITORING FEEDBACK As a feedback in a real-time vendor, Flexco provides a variety of concepts, such as monitoring feedback solutions to be used to gather information from suppliers, teams, and employees to stay compliant to GMP and GDP.

An area where an assessment monitoring feedback tool has been used manually can now be transitioned into a simple monitoring feedback tool.


Even FDA has taken a new approach into use doing the pandemic.

We seed the need for everyone to build resiliency, roadmap, and for FDA Inspection and the pharmaceutical industry, insight, facts, and evidence is what makes a resilient business.


How will FDA and the Pharmaceutical industry ensure monitoring going forward?

What are the future plans to address routine surveillance inspections”?


What and how can we ensure monitoring going forward no matter what times we are in.


An area where an assessment monitoring feedback tool has been used manually can now be transitioned into a simple monitoring feedback tool.



As a monitoring feedback vendor offering a remote tool to support inspections and road mapping.

A monitoring feedback software with analysis in real-time can gather and analyze the information in real-time. It speeds the road to insight, facts, and evidence.



To clarity the monitoring feedback from assessments.

Monitoring feedback occurs, when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs – as part of a chain of cause-and-effect, that forms a circuit or loop. The monitoring feedback system can then be said to feed back into itself.

“Monitoring feedback comes in forms: appreciation (the thank you), coaching (here’s a better way to do it), and evaluation (here’s where you stand).

Monitoring feedback concepts by Flexco have the approach evaluation and blue-prints the answers it is why answers cannot be changes unless you make a change control.


A structured Monitoring feedback system.


Enables monitoring of tasks and process and procedure the agile way from insight into the “discrepancy between the current and desired.”

Flexco understands the risks on out-of-date information and the importance of facts and insight from monitoring feedback in real-time to see trends, changes and get ahead.

This whitepaper outlines Flexco’s approach to structured monitoring feedback and the compliance for our major product ConformityTM.

From personal to enterprise, Flexco offers monitoring feedback solutions and services for you to set up your own structured consistent monitoring feedback process to gain analyzed information in real-time.


ConformityTM  Here we will address the need for a monitoring feedback solution tool to ensure:


  • On-going monitoring even in changing times?
  • Ensure the roadmap for compliance, remote inspections and on-site?
  • How to ensure future plans to address the backlog of routine surveillance inspections?


Conclusion how can maintain compliance, ensure adjustments, while building a resilient compliant business.

This whitepaper illustrates Flexco’s approach and policy, how Flexco identifies monitoring feedback solutions with proper secure ways, how Flexco handles your needs and desire for information into insight and facts, and how Flexco’s support the concept and flow.

Flexco reserves the final right to change any content in this document at any time without prior notice. In the event of any changes, the revised document will be available on Flexco’s official website. Please check the latest information indicated herein to inform yourself of any changes.

Monitoring Feedback meet the future

Monitoring Feedback takes you ahead early.

You get direct access to the insight facts and evidence you need. You will be able to see trends, track behavior and get ahead

Security Policy

Monitoring feedback software


At FlexCo we support you throughout the full process. From the initial introduction to the new software until you feel completely comfortable using our software in your daily routine.

Set up regularly assessment monitoring feedback for compliance today and start harvesting all the benefits from real-time insight, automatized analysis, and validation files.



We give our customers a choice to secure their data security and safety on premises and tailor to needs and desire.





At Flexco we understand the need for data- security and offers the ability to gain the feedback-software as-is to on-premises. Your data must be protected as  you IT-Department requires and regulates. We tailor to your needs.

At Flexco we simplify the complexity of getting the alignment the agile way across the county and business. A simplified method and tool to support the needs and desire to engage across to get the answers you need analyzed and in real-time.



LTS (Long Term Support)

Among Flexcos major real-time monitoring feedback solutions ConformityTM, Flexco marks ConformityTM with Long-Term-Support (LTS). LTS has three life cycles:

Product implementation: 1 establishing of right set-up, Production Implementation 2 implementation and ongoing support, and 3 extended life ongoing support. All solutions including maintenance and updates from As Is to on premises.




Monitoring feedback is the number one driver of professional development, effective and actionable feedback. For emotions not to get in the way, a consistent and proper set up, with right language needs to be in place. At Flexco we understand the need for support to leaders.


It is a leader’s responsibility to support the growth and thrive agile, using monitoring feedback for monitoring performance lets you know negotiation points. Delivered in the right way across the business, monitoring feedback is a window to the future. It-shows not just what went right or wrong in the past, but the repeatable ways you envision actions being taken moving forward.


We need monitoring feedback to get the results from eyes alerting us of our shortcomings so we can take action in time. We want to be the best at the things we do and cultivate instruction on how to get there.


Monitoring feedback is the perfect tool for development and growth when used systematic and authentically enables the flexibility to cross barriers to comply in demand for a resilient performance. Flexco uses the best time-tested techniques for structuring and delivering effective monitoring feedback through a software.



Together we align across building the approach and initiatives needed and desired.

As a pharmaceutical business part of daily performance is compliance to law and legislation, where processes and procedures are setup for monitoring performance and ensuring compliance. ConformityTM

Holds all the features to solve remote monitoring and inspections and even checklists and protocols to maintain the overview of processes and procedures.



We an automatized analysis tool we have estimated an average savings of time for about 40-62 %.

Monitoring feedback the process.

Define needs as you have it today on you excel-fil and think about how you would like the result and apply your questions into the assessment tool.

Building structured monitoring feedback meaningful to ensure performance, quality to right served tasks from contacted suppliers and API’s.

Engagement counts and supports the process; compliance is no better than the people who conduct the assessment.



Speed the way to insight with monitoring feedback

The monitoring feedback holds the insight and impact on business performance at all levels in the organization and therefore important to maintain at all times.

A gap can be arising when missing out on monitoring, a gap can arise when suppliers make changes without notification, or a task can fall between two chairs. (it happens and it should not happen) Compliance through people is an ongoing process building resilience from ongoing improved processes and procedures.

Define needs and keep the monitoring feedback action-oriented and informational about the process and what needs to be evaluated to keep engagement meaningful.

Having a tool that can gather, analyze and make the validation back-files supports anyone who is in the need of monitoring suppliers or processes. It is a simple way to roadmap ongoing performance. It can never replace an onsite inspection but in difficult times it can apply the information you need to ensure future compliance and alliance.

Focus on the Future


Monitoring is an ongoing process and here we focus on the future to with the use of tailored assessments define the information about services and products.

A structured Monitoring feedback system enables monitoring of tasks in process and procedure the agile way to gain the insight into the “discrepancy between the current and desired.”

With feedback, you can control the uncontrollable


Flexco lets you do exactly that. When you have compliance in your organization, it means that you can:

    • roadmap ongoing performance ongoing  without spending more time
    • be agile and make swift decisions
    • be proactive and predict possible errors in your value chain
    • minimize risk
    • based decisions on relevant analysis and data
    • act smarter, better, and faster



Flexco is committed to adhering to standards in order to provide the best practices for security. Our feedback solutions can hold delicate information and needs company protection and security.

Basis solutions is hosted as a SAAS-solution and Premium is hosted on-site tailored to Customer needs.

Informatics (+ 100% tailored)

Informatics is a tailored solution that collects the information.

    • analyses the information in-real-time.
    • creates the Report.
    • creates back files for validation.
    • saves all files.
    • blueprint and validation files.

Conformity a monitoring feedback solution.


The purpose of the case description is to illuminate how ConformityTM as an analysis portal can provide a faster, secure, and better result from the data collected. ConformityTM retrieves information respondents and analyzes at the same time as the answers are given.

Real-time can secure, strengthen, improve, and help ensure that correct information is available while optimizing resource consumption.

Review and analysis are subject to the possibility that there may be unknown factors influencing the outcome and use of.


Monitoring feedback makes us improve.

We collect monitoring feedback to improve tasks, products, or services. Build your own tailored assessments to retrieve the answers you need from employees, suppliers, and customers. As a GDPR safe portal, anonymous or by name is incorporated.


Monitoring feedback is a regulator for future actions and here we work with 2 levels: the task-level, process-level.




How well tasks are understood and performed.

The overall process – enter the assessment and start harvesting the benefits from having a solid real-time tool to support your workload.Building task-level offers you an ongoing road-mapping. You will no longer miss out on file or have to postpone inspections and audits.



What we do is supported by the procedure which is how we do something.Enter your defined protocols and checklists and get the benefits from having  atomized collection and analysis. It saves you more than 45% in time.



The Purpose of monitoring feedback.

The whole purpose of monitoring feedback is to make it explicit to focus efforts on right needs the next time, making it a reflective space, geared towards the positive after the preceding the monitoring feedback while it serves to show the “discrepancy between the current and desired” performance manageable. Regularly monitoring feedback quickly spot trends and potentially forms readiness based on the individual elements and needs.



Analysis in real time? 

Real-time means that information is analyzed in the same second that the respondent responds. The benefits with real-time analysis direct from source is time, insight, and facts to pivot when demanded.



When monitoring with real-time analysis.

Analysis result is available without anyone touching prime data. The ability to set right action points enhance and ensures adjustments, flexibility, and optimization in a new degree.



The roadmap secures your business.

Roadmap with the backlog validation files. ConformityTM creates in the portal back-log of all data, which can be pulled out structured for further analysis and processing. It is a validation file of all retrieved information and data. With the backlog data, other deeper analysis can be established quickly and simple and it is easy to validate all analysis.



What does automatic real-time analysis mean? 

ConformityTM analyze as defined and always deliver the same result and without risk or errors. If there is an error in the analysis, it is consistent simple and easy to find, and easy to correct.

The 3 steps method.

The 3 steps method. The method of progress, as shown in the Flow-Chart. Each function clearly defined. Role and responsibilities are as most processes and procedures today and it is clear who should define who answers and what Informatics does. Informatics are tailored into visual match the company that uses the tool. Use and role and responsibilities:


Role Definer of Feedback.

• Define desired questions the respondent must answer.
• At the same time, it defines how the answer is desired.
• Set up email or text message to contact the respondent, who needs to respond.

Respond - Apply

Role Respond to feedback.

• Get email or SMS and > Reply to the link in the email or text message.

Analysis and Report

• On return you have final analysis - done in real-time.
• A PDF file on each respondent.
• A back-validation files for future insight and analysis.

3 Benefits you get from ConformityTM



ConformityTM works in real time and all analysis and reports are done in real time. This means that the definer has finished analysis as the respondent enters answers.

ConformityTM always hold the highest analysis and the assessments forms can be built, so that it is analyzed and picked up constantly or it can be disassembled. It is possible to send to multiple, single, and anonymous, at the same time with the same analysis. Flexible work can be carried out on the appropriate solutions.

ConformityTM is a simplified method to gather and analyze information across from one approach to ensure right initiatives, cost-reduction, and overall future performance across. It enables the agile way to align with needs and desire for any organization.

Let ConformityTM  do the work.


Monitoring feedback for leadership.

Take the lead at all times to ensure the compliance through people.

Monitoring feedback is needed to ensure compliance across and with Conformity you get a resilient high-performance, minimize risk, secure strategy, and secure business performance across.

There are no changes in the structure or processes or procedure it is simple a simplified method to gather and analyze information.

It speeds access to

    • Insight
    • Facts
    • Evidence

It enables the actions points and sets the agenda for work-in-progress. Leaders can set up team to work through the data-driven monitoring feedback process to overlook initiative actions points from insight and facts gained to allow to pivot and match new needs and desires for the business.

Teams will unite for purpose and create meaningful value and engagement on a new level.

The monitoring feedback method will enable the teams to make meaningful decisions and build the flexibility and resilience the business need going forward.

From a simplified monitoring feedback method leadership grows compliance through people and enables higher quality and minimizes risk engaging everyone involved to become part of the improving circle of feedback.




Providing our customers with a reliable and secure monitoring feedback method to cultivate resilient performance and make right actions the agile way has always been Flexco’s primary consideration.

The active collaboration between people to align weather that is as customer, supplier or employee using our solutions enables monitoring feedback to be a strong access for any business that depend on human performance.

The structured set-up of regularly monitoring feedback to fix vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

A resilient way to build compliance and ongoing monitoring while building a resilient roadmap of ongoing performance.

No matter what times you face or how the world challenges the business it enables you to do the monitoring, inspections and is an excellent tool on onsite audits.

Flexco ensures insight and facts through our powerful and professional solutions for monitoring feedback that only few companies have, organizations and individuals can now focus more on their businesses and reduce analyzing costs, the use of out-of-date information with risk involved and get a secure and safe method going forward.

Results and outcome with real-time monitoring feedback.

For the past few years, we have seen fruitful results that customers have confidence in using our monitoring feedback solutions creating time savings from 40-60 %, while ensuring high quality and standards across. Organizations and individuals can now focus more on their businesses and reduce cost and improve quality.

Monitoring feedback enables fast pace to changing times, secures the process and procedure across the world. Flexco will continue to improve our concepts and enhance our secure monitoring feedback solutions to be tailored to unique needs of customer’s desire.