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Sustainability develop goals

The sustainability plan is the business approach to ensure the future - in business.

The sustainability plan will support the business in 3 ways Community - Financial - Organizational

How to define:

  • Community sustainability?
  • Financial sustainability?
  • Organizational sustainability?

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This must be made into a process where you ensure your organization, partners, suppliers understand how they must perform to comply with your business needs and finally - to your customer's desire.

A FLEXCO we support you to build the > the evidence chain. We help you gather the information, analyze the information, document the information into evidence.

Our business is a complaint ongoing chain to your sustainability plan.

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What is your business sustainability plan?

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Answered On 21. October 2021 16:24

We must all have a sustainability plan – contact me

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Answered On 4. October 2021 16:29

A sustainability plan is not regulated yet, but if we think 2-5 years ahead, the sustainability compliance plan will all tie up the Co2 – Whistleblowing – Supplier Audits, Code of Conduct. Start early and get ahead.

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Please contact us – or register and comment.

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