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We can never be better than the weakest link?

Suppliers perform services or products in your business and with their expertise and knowledge, you can improve business even more.

We need supplier compliance and with the new world initiatives as sustainability. We need to know improvements as fast as possible or even minor changes that can improve our products.

We need supplier compliance to:

  • Improve our business
  • Know how we can gain more out of less
  • When and where

With a chain of real-time feedback and documentation the business can agile be flexible and adapt.

The new Whistleblowing Directive is a way to support businesses get insight into - a weak link - At Flexco we collaborate with AnonymousWhistleblowing.eu

Supplier compliance is the first link from your organization and the key to building a sustainable business - chain.

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Asked on 19. September 2021 14:27

We help our customers end-to-end get set up and solve the problems.

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Answered On 5. January 2022 15:18

With all the changes and improvements going on today? How can you keep track if you do not get regular feedback and analysis? How can you drive cost if you do not do this in real-time? How can you improve your business? Supplier Performance to your benefits and improvements is the key for a sustainable supply chain going forward

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Answered On 5. October 2021 10:37

Suppliers improve their business – make sure you get the benefits and updates early before you miss out on new opportunities or compliance.

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Answered On 26. September 2021 17:00

Supplier Compliance – think about we see cases go 20 years back in none compliant performance. We must hold the chain of evidence to document on what basis we made the decisions if the business is to stay in business. What law and legislation? How to make better decisions? How to come to the phase Predictive Procurement and how supports the sustainability chain and improves with 40%

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Answered On 21. September 2021 6:54