Applied behavior analysis Know the drivers and how to influence.


Applied behavior analysis improve with real-time data.

When applied behavior analysis is ongoing you will fast and smooth see changes, trends, and development of improvements. Clarity and vision for the strategy become obvious, and you fast and agile know – Who are you talking to? Or said in other words who are you selling to?

Do you believe:

  • Cars are the same in 5 years’ time?
  • Workplace and workforce is as today?
  • Software tools and solutions as today?

The future is already here it is just not distributed very well yet, but people who work with banking, law firms, pharmaceuticals, transporting, plastic, etc. Experiences changes, all changes will soon come together and impact your business as well.

Applied behavior analysis

Applied behavior analysis is What and How.

Internet – What.

Everything online is about WHAT you offer and who you talk to, it is you describing your services and products.

Experience – How.

Once people buy your services they experience, how your product works, how your services is?

Applied behavior analysis.

The key and main driver is to gain insight and facts at all levels, early without any influence or opinions from other managers. Get the insight and facts you need – today.

Mapping the main behavior drivers:

The behavioral analysis is based on a thorough data collection that provides a mapping of current behavior and deep knowledge of which behavior drivers create the current behavior.

This usually requires a combination of several methods including observational studies, in-depth interviews, questionnaires in a broad group, focus groups, and desk research into existing knowledge on the subject.

This is not a pure process description. But identifying “Key Players” within “Trend Analysis – Who Am I Selling To”

Drive relevance, impact and potential for behavioural change as a prioritization:

The next phase of behavioral analysis focuses on the potential to change behavior. Based on knowledge from the mapping, the effect of bringing one or more behavioral drivers into play in a new way is clarified.

Often different experimental situations are organized, where some particular behavioral drivers are varied to see the concrete effect. It may also be relevant to uncover the potential through a survey to test the target group’s willingness to embrace certain types of behavior.

Thus, the behavioral analysis gives a clear priority picture of which drivers are most relevant to work with going forward in order to get the desired behavior change.

Development of strategy and plan for behavioural change

Based on the assessment of behavioral-altering potential, a strategy and long-term plan for behavioral change are developed. The starting point will be to identify behavior drivers and how best to work with them.

Often, the strategy will involve working in parallel with multiple behavior drivers at the same time, so that social, personal, and contextual drivers support each other.

Reporting the finished analysis and strategy

“Your System Name FLEXCO”  provides a complete analysis report covering both the analysis of current behavior, the potential of the behavioral changes, and the strategy that has been developed.


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