Get The Insight
You Need

Understand Customer Value, Negotiate With Suppliers, Comply With Legislation,
Gain A Lean Business, Document Your Chain And Optimize Your ROI

Real-time data collection and analytics is here to help

All Your Questions Answered And Analyzed in Real-time

Main Industry Drivers

Here are the 4 reasons
Why real-time data collection and analytics is the alignment across your business

One approach for

The questions we ask to
generate the answers we get. One approach ensures the same compliance level
where you inspect and audit.

Share Joint

We never evaluate the same
as our needs are different depending from what we need.
We can share the


Our Service

Access all your analysis in one place your inspections and audits – feedback in real time changes the speed of insight and awareness.

alignment with management

Growing Demand For Products​

Real-time analysis direct from source enhance the ability to forecast and pivot changes

Increased Pressure To Reduce Cost​

The customer value chain is the core driver and real-time information the insight you need

Improve Quality And Documentation

The small piece of software analyze information and provides the documentation in real-time Tailored needs

Improve Capability and Expertise

Gain the alignment across the business and align with partners, suppliers and all for your customers benefits.




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Use the templates or create your own

Ongoing improvements of your questionnaires and how you gather the information. The sky is the limit.

Charts and report ready

When your supplier or vendors answers your questions you automatically have your report ready. Your QA evaluation now has documentation