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The Betrayal How To Act Right From Feedback


Act right from feedback. How to Act right from feedback, we live in a world where things change faster and we must be able to respond faster and smarter to changes. Why do you need to act right from feedback? and why is it more important than ever? Trust me it is, if you face […]

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The chain 10 initiatives to impact BETTER sustainability


The chain. We are part of the chain in a bigger plan and each move we make is either contributing positively or negatively, there is no between. The FN17 World goals? are a plan to make each of us improve our insight, and facts and need to make responsible decisions on a daily basis, and […]

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The true value of Sustainability across all your chains.


The true value. We all know the need for direction and guidance to achieve the success we want in life. The true value of sustainability across your chains – needs to be documented. ERP and other digital systems can no longer keep up the speed to give the insight and facts we need to address […]

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The game plan that makes the big impact and difference


The game plan. We change the world, the world does not change, we change it, it is all in what we define. What we do and find as the right thing to do. The game plan every business must-have, so that they can navigate toward the right destinations. If a business does not make a […]

The GREAT cocktail of People who align smart and sustainable


Smart and sustainable. Better, smart, and sustainable to make it long-lasting. Cheap cheat and fake are out, the real thing is in. We get new solutions for Omnichannel retailing, what does it mean and how will it impact your life. Omnichannel provides an endless, seamless, and continuous experience to the customer across any device and […]

ESG The company measure points and better future sustainability.


Company and ESG A company will report on ESG – Metrics that guide customers, stakeholders, investors, and analysts into knowing, which company you are. ESG stands with the 17 world goals. ESG is an accountability guidelines. The Environmental – it is about the environment – as we know very well. The Social on how we […]

Software is the way to work better and smarter not harder


Software. Software is the key to faster results. Sofware is the solution to a problem. No software is create unless it is to help someone do better. → When you meet someone who sells digital solutions, do you ever wonder, what it is they try to improve, and why they spend endless ours on building […]

Prove it – The power of documentation FREE talk without results.


Prove it. Until you prove it you are just talking! How many times have you heard a business talk about how much they do for employee wellbeing? – We are a family and we offer employees fitness and we have a good work balance. Talk or a fact. Did you ask your employees if they […]

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Compliance: How to stay compliant in changing times


Compliance. Compliance means alignment with law, guidelines, and regulation. In changing times improvements and new trends arise and it is your insight and facts that will support your business to stay ahead. Negotiation points: From feedback from your employees, suppliers and vendors have the right negotiation points to support your business at all times. Demand […]

Document How to gather, analyze and document in one chain


Document your business performance. Document your business performance in an unbroken chain at all times. Gather information from employees, suppliers, and customers to keep your business compliant and engaged at all times. Why documentation in one chain. An unbroken chain of documentation, what does that actually mean? – It means that the data you gather, […]