Feedback Solutions and 5 How to improve business performance.


How to improve business performance. How to improve business performance, is how to take 5 steps into 1 step to save time and to get the story you need to present. We gather the data, sort them and arrange them and get the overview that turns into our explained story case. Gather the data – […]

Sustainability And Whistleblowing Improve Performance To Doing Great.


How to improve business performance? How to improve business performance in a time where new demands into sustainability and whistleblowing have become part. At Flexco we point and time asking 2000 people: – how they see Sustainability and Whistleblowing. Why do you think this matters and will make a difference? The change is here. A […]

Respond well. We can only respond good if we know.


Respond well. The need to respond well rises in a constantly changing world. We must as humans be dynamic and flexible. Respond well is the key to get: The job, work, business, friend, grade, partnership, relation, title, teams, and alignment. Let’s face it, it does not matter what you do, it’s about how you make […]

Applied behavior analysis Know the drivers and how to influence.


Applied behavior analysis improve with real-time data. When applied behavior analysis is ongoing you will fast and smooth see changes, trends, and development of improvements. Clarity and vision for the strategy become obvious, and you fast and agile know – Who are you talking to? Or said in other words who are you selling to? […]

High quality of analysis and documentation from real-time solutions


High quality. High Quality data, The first part of data is direct from the source analyzed, with a validation documentation file. We have for so long been making nice overviews, where we do not know. How reliable the data are. At Flexco we change all that into one stream of evidence. We gather the information, […]

Behavior analysis 7 things to improve your business now.


Behavior analysis Behavior analysis How do you analyze behavioral data? How to Conduct a Behavioral Data Analysis to Inform your teams and management. Identify priority audience segments. Clarify the current and desired customer behavior in these segments. Why use first, party data to ensure validate and acuacy in results analysis. Take the time to truly […]

Compliance through people. Why it is the best thing we can do!


Compliance through people – why we need it We need compliance through people, it is our way to align and help each other follow the rules and setup we have made. Rules let us know when we do the right thing and can feel good about what we do. Rules are to know when you […]

Predictive procurement Benefits and optimization in a new degree


Predictive procurement. Predictive procurement is the outcome of ongoing feedback and documentation. Ahead smooth and easy with the use of The Flexco concept. What is procurement predictive analytics? Predictive procurement is the result of ongoing real-time feedback analysis and documentation achieved several times over shorter periods of time. It refers to the use of available […]

Sustainable development goals. How to build and define a clear strategy.


Sustainable development goals How to build the right solutions for your Sustainable development goals and set up the process and procedure to gain the evidence plan. Sustainable development How does your business define sustainable development and how does it impact the way your business deals with customers, suppliers, and investors. Without clear sustainable development goals, […]

Whistle Blowing How to stay anonymous and do the right thing


What is the right thing to do? How do we do the right thing once we know what they right thing to do is. The digital transformation has made it more difficult to risk evaluate, and to find mistakes and error unless the system is set up right way first time. Nothing never comes right […]