Compliance through people. Why it is the best thing we can do!


Compliance through people – why we need it

/Compliance through people/

We need compliance through people, it is our way to align and help each other follow the rules and setup we have made. Rules let us know when we do the right thing and can feel good about what we do. Rules are to know when you are compliant and when you are not.

If, we do not have a set of rules or guidelines, anything is good enough.

A sustainability plan will help and support your decision-making. Based on real-time insight and facts you will now be able to gain compliance through people acting smart and address the right topics and issues.

Compliance through people with coaching.

Offer your teams coaching forums to gain the alignment they need. To align and comply you must understand the situation to comply.

It is small misunderstandings that grow into gaps, problems, or even dilemmas. If we catch the difference or open up for people to ask, we can get the alignment.

Feedback is for the business, it is not for you as an individual, it’s the business change to improve and stay well in business. When you choose to understand and align in the teams where you work. You improve the overall business performance much more than you can possibly imagine.

Business needs compliance through people.

People need to know the rules and need to know how to play well by the rules set. Rules are from norms to written guidelines, processes, and procedures, which is the compliance the business needs through teams, staff, suppliers, and partners.

Today SILENCE has taken over, and nobody says anything, creativity to problem solve has never been so low as it is today. Only 7 % would tell if they saw an error or bid in with improvements.

How can business improve today?

Whistleblowing is not as you think, for you, who are angry at a business. It is for the business. The business needs to know. If something is wrong or done incorrectly; if no one says anything; How can you find mistakes and correct them.

It’s not possible, you need the people who can see an error and you need to know where they are?

No, businesses can do all correct all the time if they are in progress.

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  1. Nothing is more important than building a sustainable chain through people. We need trust, loyalty and belief back into our chain.

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