Transportantion Boxes

We help build the Supply Chain

We support validation

Cooling boxes in the chain where you need it.

To understand what cooling boxes you need for your chain. We need to look at the terms for each step in the flow and we need to look at the conditions for each step in the flow.

Building a strong Supply Chain across.

While demands for cooling boxes where the first step, we now see the demand for ambient and frozen boxes as well-

we engage in a project and bring 10 years of experience with us in building solutions that match customers needs and performance.

Safe to save money

We build a cooling box to keep the product safe and secure. Often products that need cooling boxes have a high value and must be kept within the range of +2 to + 8 degrees.

Coolingboxes for transportation.

Tailor your cooling boxes to meet your needs and seek and gain compliance.

Working with great partners we support you achieve solid validated solutions. Today there are many providers out there and there are many cooling box solutions.

What matches your Supply Chain.

What cooling boxes do you need in your end-to-end solution.

Definition of Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

(GDP)  Good Distribution Practice the quality assurance which supports products are handled  consistently all the way end-to-end as stored, transportation,  handled under suitable conditions as required by the product specification

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Coolingboxes in all sizes

We support you get the right sizes and solutions from our trusted partner.


We support the 4 phases in tailoring your cooling box solutions to your needs and cost.


  1. Define the sizes you need for your shipments
  2. Define your need for supply and stock.
  3. The validation and testing.
  4. Order structure and performance

Depending on the convention for your business need we support the solution to comply to needs.


Get more information: How we join a project to build your solutions