Decision making 7 facts How Real-time solutions improve better.


Decision making.

How decision making is the key to gaining stability, resilience agile, and dynamic.

People today are less than 5 years in a business and to know what leads to each decision you need to hold the evidence chain.

People today exchange opinions more than ever, and how do you know how to keep your own opinion.

Make your decision based on facts.

Decision making today.

How is decision-making done today. Most businesses get information either from ERP systems; or a financialsystems. Which they enter into an excel-sheet.

The data is consolidated into an analysis, which leads to the building of a PowerPoint presentation.

Today most people use data which they get from other systems. Which are consolidated into a powerpoint presentation and in 1 years time no one will know, how the analysis was done or if it was correct.

Risk are high in the model we use today.

Future support to decision making.

If the productions lacks tools to produce the products, they let you know? and you will source solutions to ensure that the production runs without mistakes and errors.

If lack of information or data is missing? To make the right decision! What do you then do?

If your teams does not hold the software or IT solutions needed to perform a good job? what do you do?

With our concept you get the evidence chain locked at all times.

Easy and simple –

How you define it.

It all comes down to how you spend the time in the organisation.

400 employess x 37,5 hours = 15000 hours a week.

If you have

  • 5 legal employee = 187,5 hours a week or 1,2% of the workforce at a spend at 4 mill dkk.
  • 7 director managers = 262,5 hours a week or 1,7% of the workforce at a spend at 15 mill dkk.
  • 250 warehouse employees – they are 9375 hours a week or 62% of the workforce of a spend 97.500.000 mill.

If total turnover in cost is 650 mill. all our focus today is on the fact that warehouse employees have the right tools and are managed the right way.

Every logisticwarehouse is focusing on their spend on warehouse, temporaly worker ect. Optimizing hours, logistics as picking and warehousing, and transportaion.

Facts are:

In a constantly changing world, legal department and management are in demand for right tools to get the facts and insight.

Optimizing the warehouse can give some benefits, ensuring that managers and management have the right software and align on future progress to the strategy is far more important.

A decision tool A game changer.

The facts you need with evidence and transperancy. The key for any CEO to build the flexiblity and dynamic organization to drive progress and sustainability.

Being able to address right actions point and involve the right people at all times and being an employee in an organization where the CEO engages where customers needs, fear and desires are meet with trust and understanding for future changes.

Decision tools is sustainability across.

A decision tool is the core key to align the business and ensure sustainabilit and compliance at all times.

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