Document How to gather, analyze and document in one chain


Document your business performance.

Document your business performance in an unbroken chain at all times. Gather information from employees, suppliers, and customers to keep your business compliant and engaged at all times.

Why documentation in one chain.

An unbroken chain of documentation, what does that actually mean? – It means that the data you gather, you analyze and document for the purpose.

Most businesses today, use ERP data, where they get the information from customers, how many orders, what did they order, at what time of the year etc.

All the data you will analyze and use for future estimations.


You do not align with customers, you do not know what the customers think about your products and how they anticipate purchasing in the future.

With the IRT solutions, you can get the customer’s direct feedback at all times. You can ask the customers the right questions that impact your business

– and – may direct on purchase also get information that impacts the Supply Chain

Document your initiatives.

Sustainability and the FN 17 world goals are the new way to do the right thing. To speak up about sustainability and working for the 17 world goals you need documentation.

If you do not hold any documentation it is an intention.

The difference between results and intention.

The intention is all the initiatives we take, the results are the documentation we can prove. If you want to bring doing working accidents and support the initiative FN 3 – then set up the data points and start showing the results of your initiatives.

Without documentation, it is an intention.

Customers change and want proof.

Customers change and want proof, to know that what they are paying for matches their beliefs.

What do your customers need going forward?

How can you stay ahead of their needs and desires?

Why are compliance and documentation more important than ever?

A new world with new demands.

In the perfect world your word would means something, in the world where we are today, documentation is needed and will be required – going forward.

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