Feedback, the key to respond well.

Don’t let anything stop you!

Feedback in real-time from your suppliers, employees and customers.

Get feedback in real-time and get the insight and facts you need to build a resilient business, that flexible can adapt and adjust to changes.


capture real-time information

How to get feedback in real-time


Get an account tailored to your company.


Enter or define your assessments and contacts.


Set up and send out with a click on a bottom.


Feedback in real-time analyzed, filed, record, and validation files.

How it works is so simple

Get the feedback tool

Get Flexco to set up your account

enter Your assessment

Easy and smooth enter the assessments you need feedback on.

Start getting feedback

Start harvesting all the benefits from having insight and facts in real-time

See How It Works

Define-Apply-Record get Feedback analyzed in real-time. Get insight, facts and evidence to road-map all changes, opportunities and adjustments.

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Amazing Results

“I started working with real-time feedback, it is the agile way to align with the team across the business, stakeholder management and onboarding a great tool!“
Patricia J.
" Feedback in real-time is a game changer.
Minimize risk, optimize performance from having a tool that easy and smooth gathers and analysis.
James H.
“ Easy interface, no maintenance - ready to go. Good training and easy to use, I use to spend hours analyzing - now I got real-time information available “
Lora R.


Contact us and start harvesting all the benefits from real-time feedback. Build a strong chain from insight and facts from each link.

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