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Data-driven insight and facts and how to work with real-time Århus

Course Data-driven insight and facts

Århus: Data-driven insight and facts and how to work with real-time.

  • What is real-time?
  • How do we work with real-time?
  • Why can real-time improve our performance?
  • Make a test yourself with ( max 200 response)
  • We focus on what questions to ask – how to get the results you want in real-time


This course is for beginners, who are starting out to work with Real-time algorithm and the alignment between. The Course is for Procurement and Team-leaders

8:30 17:00

Including Lunch and Coffee/tea Cake

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In this 2 days course, we focus on real-time feedback from customers, suppliers, or employees.

Build your own survey, to your customers or suppliers, or even make an employee survey during the 2 days course. ( due to time for response)



Day 1: What is real-time information and how to gather and analyze information in real-time

Day 2: Alignment and how to pivot with real-time information directly from the source. + results from your own test.


We will work with information:

How do you create a real-time system?

R-T systems design process
  1. The tool is designed with an algorithm to process each class of stimulus and response. Which is in real-time
  2. Designed to return and ensure that processes.
  3. Integrate using a real-time executive or operating system.

How does a real-time operating system work?

A Real-time operating system handles the tasks or routines.
Examples of realtime systems include Air Traffic Control Systems, Networked Multimedia Systems, Command Control Systems, etc.

What is the real-time system used for?

realtime operating system (RTOS) is an operating system (OS) intended to serve realtime applications that process data as it comes in, typically without buffer delays. Processing time requirements (including any OS delay) are measured in tenths of seconds or shorter increments of time.

What is real-time system design?

realtime system is a software system where the correct functioning of the system depends on the results produced by the system and the time at which these results are produced. … A hard realtime system is a system whose operation is incorrect if results are not produced according to the timing specification.
max. 12 people in the course and ( if less than 4 we move )

The event is finished.


Apr 07 - 08 2021


8:30 - 17:00
All Day

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 07 - 08 2021
  • Time: All Day



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