Why get feedback, analysis and documentation in one click.

Why get feedback, analysis and documentation from one click – To gain facts, to address it right, to improve the business, to minimize risk, to optimize, ROI and overall build a resilient business were people do well.

Get feedback

The key to align is feedback

Compliance through people.

Compliance through people. Get the feedback from your employees, suppliers and customers.

The agile way to align and build a resilient business.

The insight and fact you gain allow to pivot and match new needs and desires.

At Flexco we see it work, set up of assessments, implementation and on-going.​

how to get feedback from employees, suppliers and customers

Get ahead - get feedback

Real-time transparency and documentation

The insight into what is, interactivity allows the asking part to take ownership of the process.

Effective feedback shows you the current level of performance, and lets you know what must be done to reach a higher level.

Make it clear.

From insight and facts move ahead, improve and enhance, whether it is an individual, group, business, business unit, company, or organization.

Get information that can be used to make better-informed decisions and let our concepts offer you compliance through people.

Assessments to gather the feedback

Some of our users save more than 30 hours per month thanks to automatized feedback and files! We support your team and organization as long as needed until they have full advantage of the features. Our concepts free resources to focus on solutions and higher business performance from compliance through people.

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Validation, Compliance And Agile Alignment Across
Data-driven insight to get ahead.

Get feedback

1. Growing Demand For Products

The customer value chain is the core driver and real-time information the insight you need.

2. Increased Pressure To Reduce Cost

Real-time analysis direct from source enhance the ability to forecast and pivot changes.

3. Improve Quality And Documentation

The need for real-time validation to provide documentation from facts and evidence.

get feedback to align and build sustainability

4. Improve Capability and Expertise

The need to align across the business with partners, suppliers for customers benefits. Compliance through people.

Data-driven insight
tie it together in a strong chain

What do you want to improve and why?


Who needs to benefit from the improvement you want to make?

With our feedback solutions you can in real-time get the facts and insight you need to pivot and take right action.


At Flexco we understand the need for feedback to improve and we get the feedback tool setup and ensure you get all benefits and support in the process end-to-end.


If this is some of your questions – reach out to us:


How to get a solid analysis from your data in real-time.


  1. Analysis from prime time.
  2. Get the first overview.
  3. Analysis from Prime-data your data from customers, suppliers and employees.


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Are you wondering, if and how you get customers, suppliers and employees to engage with?

Feedback is a strong tool to support you succeed at all levels. Feedback is the guide to your next success, At Flexco we understand the need for  and done in the right way to get the right results and outcome.

We focus on Task-level feedback to gain insight and facts to agile build a resilience.

From feedback you get action points, insight to adjust and pivot. Negotiation points, improvements, new trends and much more.

Feedback can be 3 things:

  • Task-level, and product level: Corrective feedback is feedback used to improve performance, insight and facts.
  • Process-level, ( developing own learning strategies here is coaching a tool and Flexco partner with Coachingandlife to ensure agile alignment and process to task-level)
  • Self-regulation ( improving ability to monitor own learning and progress).
  1. Engagement matter and how you give feedback back. Respond well to the feedback you get as person and as business. Insight and facts holds the keys to your future successes and achievements.
  2. Say thank you for the feedback –  Thanks so much for your feedback in our meeting.
  3. Never ask personal. Never ask your employees how they are feeling but what tools, training and support they need to fulfill the tasks. Ask for task insight.

If this is some of your questions – reach out to us:


Start harvesting all the benefits from feedback in real-time.

Contact us and get and offer.


Start using continuing feedback to gain insight and fact early in the chain and optimize each link.

Automate analysis to a click and have the facts you need to make right decisions, save time and money

– Let’s give you and ROI estimate.

What you get:

  1. Insight and facts to respond to facts driven decisions.
  2. Agile way to drive changes
  3. Information to pivot and build flexibility.
  4. How to respond well to the feedback you get from your Customers, suppliers and Employees.
  5. Support from  start to full implementation.

Contact Flexco: Feedback@Flexco.dk

Documentation in real-time offers time, facts

– the results you need today.

capture the information in realt time: Save 40% time.

Get analysis, files, and documentation in place All Analysis

5 Time-saving Features –

  • Ask the right people the right questions to get ahead.
  • Address right person and get the documentation – SMS/ Email and contacts
  • Tailor documentation to your assessments, protocols
  • Analysis in real-time.
  • PDF-file from each respondent
  • Real-time world documentation
  • Back validations file structured easy export to excel.
  • Easy interface.
  • GDPR safe, and can be set up to capture anonymously for the whistle blowing.
  • Personal training and set-up
  • Ongoing support to ensure all features.

When you capture IRT from customers, suppliers, and employees you can agile be flexible and dynamic to change. At Flexco we support you all the way from setting up your tailored account to full implementation including training. IRT solutions are the key to align the business in an agile and resilient way.

Businesses needs future-proof solutions with worldwide documentation, this places high demands on our handling of information.


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A professional approach

" The agile way". Data-driven and compliance through people.
Gather and analyze the information in real-time from suppliers, employees and customers get to know what is to move your business ahead to what can be with minimum risk.

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Compliance through people – The clear vision.


  • Data-driven facts.
  • 100% correct analysis every time.
  • Early, see trends and changes.
  • Organizing a large amount of data.
  • Model management managing versions, deployment, and execution of analysis.
  • Code-free self-service real-time analysis.
  • No, assumption but facts from everyone, teams or units.
  • Focus on employee skills and culture to drive transformations.