We offer a tool that digitalize the process for a strong well-documented value chain from:

Real-time feedback get Documentation and Analysis - Tailored As You Need.

Fast and easy get the facts
Through people

The software we offer digitizes the process to get information from stakeholders, suppliers and employees analyzed and documented into a well-documented value-chain.  A new and simple way to get the feedback you need analyzed with documentation.

Easy 3 steps

Secure purpose-driven business on an evidence-based basis. Translate strategies into actions and goal-based across stakeholders by using feedback in realtime.

The tool builds the chain of analysis and documentation from a 3 step method.


Define your file, what you need analyzed and documented.


Send it out as SMS or e-mails to get the facts.


When your people push return the tool will create the analysis, PFD-file, and documentation you need.

Feedback in real-time

Into a strong well-documented value chain

Now you can address right actions points, see trends and improvements easy to your benefit.

This tool is so easy for everyone to use - even complicated scaled needs are analyzed and documented in real-time.

A piece of Software to gather, analyze and document ONE-CHAIN.

Never doubt where data come from.

Save time and know much earlier action points.

Proudly Danish

Easy use
Connect a safe way (GDPR)
Align and tell meaningful stories from facts

A New Way to do it

One e-mail to the analysis documentation.

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What It Means To Generate A Report With Real-time Facts

Analysis, Documentation,PDF- files + Back validation file.


From real-time feedback into a report with analysis, and documentation, you are able to address right action points, negotiate and align faster and smarter.


From real-time information you can adjust, inform, involve and secure your tasks, services and improve performance for everyone.


Real-time facts and insight let you see trends and changes much earlier and faster, while you address all actions points from real facts and insight, ensuring your performance all the way.

A strong well-documented
value chain

Start today

You already use feedback
in analysis - documentations


The problem is time , the resources, manually mistakes in analysis and the gab between information.

Even if we say 15 hours you still FREE time

For the 3 bottom lines- You need A strong well-documented value chain

The agile way
to address improvements

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Solve the problem

Reports from real-time facts. The peace of software can GDPR safe gather, analyze and record the files - with minimum risk to your needs.

speak from real-time facts

Control the (ex)Change

Save time

Our case studies show that you will save from 45-55% time and resources.

Why Feedback/Flexco Online?

We’re Making analysis and documentation in one chain Easy and profitable for small and medium business owners.

Fully Customised

We live and breathe all things digital every day to ensure your business’ digital marketing is up-to-date.

Customer Service

We are part of your teams and provide fast, effective, ongoing support and service.


Our amazing results come from spending 100% of our time focussing on our customer’s needs.


Follow the facts and provide the data to improve your business and help them easily measure their R.O.I.

Ease of Use

Everything is create around our company motto: ‘Making Online Easy’.

Growth Focused

We are determined to help grow your business by converting real-time facts and insight into right action.

+ ongoing training

When you use our software you get access to ongoing training. We know the need for insight and facts.

+ Benefits

Stay ahead at all times, negotiation points, overview, facts and insight.

The Feedback you need

Get feedback

Feedback  – The story from the facts.

align from facts and feedback

Minimize Risk Improve performance in each link.

Trust Experience and needs.

get feedback to align and build sustainability

The Benefits
The Unbroken Chain

Control the (ex)change

Today business needs to gain information faster. Results and performance counts.

Set the data-points

We can only respond to what we know here is how to get the facts.

Amazing Results

“ Strategic decisions “ This has changed everything.
Peter H,
" Feedback in real-time with analysis and documentation is a game changer.
We max our ability to align we Minimizes risk.
James H.
“ The facts I need“ I use to sit in a procurement position where analysis is everything
Berit L.
“ Easy interface, no maintenance - ready to go. Good training and easy to use, I use to spend hours analyzing and making a report - now I got real-time information available “ My performance is better.

Video Presentations
Why feedback is the best agile alignment

How to build a strong
well-documented value chain

Align with Employees

Suppliers Compliance

Customer Feedback

"The only thing " that can give you insight
into changes is FEEDBACK"

Are you being left behind?

You can’t afford to leave your information, analysis and documentation up to chance.

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90% of customers rely on information from you
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92% goes to businesses on the first page of Google.
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93% of customers say reviews impact their purchasing decisions
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75% judge a company’s credibility on their website.
100% GDPR Safe portal and way to report
100% Secure analysis GDPR safe
Improve Boardmembers insight to facts.
Board - Bestyrelse og innovation
100% flexible to our needs.

An unbroken chain you can rely on:

How The Tool Works