The feedback process.

We only need feedback if we want to do improvements. The information we get from feedback will give us the facts and insight, we need to address if we want to stay ahead.

The feedback process: How to improve the business and get the right solutions going forward.

A tool
to gather and analyze information
in real-time

Our services give you the analysis in real-time it is, that insight you need to make the decisions. Start building a resilient chain across the business from feedback in real-time. Start your business case, set up the ROI and areas where you want to stay ahead, roadmap gain compliance an agile way.



1. What areas in the business do you need to streamline? where do see real-time information benefits your business?

2. What impact and improvements will feedback in real-time give your sales team, production, supplier monitoring, and employee performance.

3.How can you save time, get the right points to address, achieve insight, and offer your team across the business a tool to ensure facts, compliance and resilience.


The road-map: Flexco is with you from end-to-end to ensure you get all benefits and features and explore the advantages of having analysis direct from your customers, suppliers, and employees in real-time while having better and validated data to make decisions from. Real-time is a game changer to take your business ahead.

Build the
Business case

the information
you need

Plan & Define
the impact change

agile and ongoing

the feedback
management process

work agile and build resilience
With Real-time solutions and validation.

Listen to people – Have the fact – the evidence and insight:  begin the data-driven feedback journey get the analysis in real-time.


At Flexco, we support you throughout the whole process. From asking the right question to working with real-time analysis and files.


From the introduction to your new software until you feel completely comfortable using our software in your daily routine.


Set up your assessment feedback today and start harvesting all the benefits from real-time insight, automatized analysis and validation files.


This is compliance through people.


Save all the time today spend on analysis and reports + gain all the benefits with real-time information.

On Return in real-time get 3 Solid features