Feedback Real-time Cultivate a strong, good , agile and resilient business


Introduction feedbak in real-time

As a FEEDBACK in real-time vendor, Flexco provides a variety of concepts, such feedback solutions are used to gather information analyzed in real-time from stakeholders to achieve needed insight to pivot from.

Feedback occurs when outputs of a system are routed back as inputs – as part of a chain of cause-and-effect, that forms a circuit or loop. The feedback system can then be said to feed back into itself.

“Feedback comes in different forms: an appreciation the one we give with (thanks), coaching where we need new tools to align (here’s a better way to do it), and evaluation where we get the insight and facts we need (here’s where you stand).

Feedback concepts by Flexco have the approach evaluation. And (Flexco partners with Coachingandlife where there is a need to align feedback to human performance through coaching)

A structured Feedback system enables not only monitoring of tasks, processes, and procedures, but it also opens for an active engagement with stakeholders across the agile way to get insight into the “discrepancy between the current and desired.”

Flexco understands the risks of out-of-date information and the importance of facts and insight from feedback in real-time to see trends, changes and get ahead.

This whitepaper outlines Flexco’s approach to structured feedback and the compliance for our major product Pellucid TM.

From personal to enterprise, Flexco offers feedback solutions and services for you to set up your own consistent feedback process to gain analyzed information in real-time to pivot from.

This paper illustrates Flexco’s approach and policy, how Flexco identifies feedback solutions with proper secure ways, how Flexco handles your needs and desire for information into insight and facts, and how Flexco’s supports the concept and flow.

Flexco reserves the final right to change any content in this document at any time without prior notice. In the event of any changes, the revised document will be available on Flexco’s official website. Please check the latest information indicated herein to inform yourself of any changes.

The need for a simplified solution to gather and analyze information for business needs, building a resilient performance to customers satisfaction and alignment.

capture real-time information
Capture real-time

This white paper will highlight

How the need for a feedback solution with real-time can support the business achieve results fast, dynamic and resilient, build from insight and facts into customers, employees and suppliers needs and performance. How facts and insights can support the transformation and smooth the workload and process while saving time and optimizing initiatives and performance.

Feedback in real-time to support every decision and process.

Pellucid TM      

During this white paper, we will illustrate, how to gather, analyze, report, and back-validation files, audit, can save the business, teams, management 30-40% time while improving quality, engagement, insight, and facts with everyone involved, leaving time to allocate and focus on solution needs, results, and better outcome.

Optimization and quality improvements with simplified standardization.

Data-driven decision-making direct from respondents (the prime data), and analysis in real-time without changing process and procedure in the workflow an agile way to gain growth and progress for the IT solution and meet goals and strategy.

Close to customers’ needs and desire.

We are never better than the feedback we get, and in changing times information in real-time is more important than ever for the business to stay ahead of customers’ needs and desires.

From real-time feedback, we get the information needed to engage with employees through ongoing training and development activities that match the needs and demands.

From real-time feedback from suppliers and partners, we get the information needed to address the collaboration with partners and organizations to accelerate innovation.

Feedback holds future growth and the insight and facts gained to align with stakeholders and partners across the business through their engagement and involvement get ahead and build the flexibility needed.

Moreover, we look to create a roadmap of structured ongoing feedback to align with the IT projects and initiatives occurring across.

The insight to establish right level of services across comes from:

The demand for services:

What IT tools, services and hardware do we need to support our goals? What demands is needed to fulfill tasks and act accordingly to the strategy?

Alignment with demands is gained through the feedback from stakeholders across.

Today this is mostly done through meetings and manual questionnaires, which are time-consuming and with the risk that important points are missed out.

With structured feedback, we not only gain the demand we build a resilient road map of needs and gain an overview of the discrepancy between the current service and the desired service.

The specification of the service:

To underline the right specification from stakeholders’ feedback is most important.

To initiative the right forms, surveys, assessments, questions to what the needs are and what they want.

The first initiative is to understand the service that is provided to ensure that the specification is as the business desires.

Business improvements lays in understanding goals and illuminating if there are current gaps, or gaps arising from misunderstanding or lack of defined specifications.

Getting the overview from the feedback insight and facts opens qualified discussions points to gain the alignment and clarity, that is needed to conduct the responsiveness to business needs.

Real-time The Clear Benefit

Where employee performance depends on the documentation availability. With structured feedback analyzed in real-time get all the benefits to stay ahead in the curve for business performance.

Gain the clarity and overview from:

  • Early see trends and changes.
  • Organizing large amount of data.
  • Model management managing versions, deployment, and execution of analysis.
  • Code-free self-service analysis.
  • Assumption from everyone, teams or units.
  • Focus on employee skills and culture to drive transformations.

Strategy and right initiatives:

Initiative the right action points to support the strategy and gain visibility in processes and procedures is what stakeholders need to lead the right way forward.

With feedback analyzed in real-time indicators are fast discovered and can be addressed as needed and wanted.

Production and uptime:

Software, vending machines, and other equipment often need a checklist for first discovery to align with users, here feedback as automized feedback checklist helps control and verify the action taking in time and what needs to be done.

It differentiates very much from a reading manual as you engage with each individual and gain all responses analyzed in real-time.

The final analysis gives indicators towards what needs handling and action points or where stakeholders, employees, or teams need more training.

Benefits for management, teams, and employees are that they hold access to action points to address, high-value negotiation points, and all from in real-time data which will have a high impact, and to consolidate applicable IT Services to achieve efficient consistent processes.

A structure feedback solution is a way to align and developing the right reputation as a friendly business environment, increasingly ensuring the right initiatives and solutions for the business.


What Is Pellucid TM

As the name entails, Pellucid TM is designed to make collecting and analyzing easy and quick for clarity and overview. Setting up your desired needs to serve and correctly offering the analysis results in real-time.  Analysis usually requires time and a certain level of knowledge in excel or another commercial tool and IT administration.

Pellucid TM seeks to remove that necessity and, through technology that causes the least network overhead, make connecting to Pellucid TM effortless for anyone.

We are no longer confined to a single office or region. Both employees and consumers are increasingly becoming accustomed to performing everyday tasks on their personal mobile devices, not just on desktop computers in an office space, and for remote employees to access work files and other assets new tools, skills, and training are needed to meet the transformation.

This means Pellucid TM removes several barriers that are often encountered by users trying to set up an analysis. Namely, Pellucid TM users only need access and respondents only need a and e-mail or the link. They can access from anything and from anywhere.

At Flexco we understand the desire for clarity into needs and changes and for that the concept   Pellucid TM is designed to gather and analyze information in real-time.

Simplified and with an easy interface establish the data and analytics to enable effective, fact-based decision making. In a constantly changing world the need to deliver consistency and valued services that exceed expectations of stakeholders, teams, and customers served.

Simplicity to insight and facts is the new normal, time is real-time, and every business depends on the simplicity and easy way to access important information that can deliver consistent and valued services that exceed expectations of stakeholders, teams, and customers.

Pellucid TM delivers the following features:

It offers a comprehensive solution to guarantee that not only are the services always accessible but they are also accessed with minimal effort and network overhead.

In so doing, Pellucid TM delivers the following features:

  • Easy interface
  • 3 Step method with multi analyze
  • Documentation PDF, and validation files.
  • Anywhere accessibility regardless of network environment
  • Pellucid TM relay service
  • A permanent and easily way to road map
  • Engage with stakeholders
  • End-to-end analysis solution
  • High-security validation
  • Secured analysis information and credentials

Pellucid TM delivers a simplified method to gather and analyze information in real-time with a PFD file from each respondent and a back-validation file if further investigation is needed.

Get to focus on what aligns with business and customers. Choose IT-Solutions that match needs and get to align where needed.

Pellucid TM follows processes or procedures it is a simple 3-step method with an easy interface as assessments or questionnaires.

Feedback in real-time Define – Apply – Record


The account holder will tailor and define the questions, assess what they need answers to, from stakeholders, and define how they want the analysis done. All decision-making to the analysis is done by the account holder. Pellucid TM holds the 6 different analyzing features.

  1. Short text.
  2. Long text.
  3. On a scale from 1-10.
  4. Chose option.
  5. Choose options.
  6. Pin-point picture.

Define your respondents and how you want them be identified anonymous or identified. Enter their e-mail or copy the link.


Respondents will receive the assessment, questionnaires as a link in an e-mail or an SMS, the link can be addressed from anywhere at any time and once they respond and engage Pellucid TM will record their answers and response.

The analyzing portal gives the overview as they click on return. Each response answers how it is defined to analyze.

The response can be identified or anonymous to ensure data safety for everyone involved.


Pellucid TM on return information is analyzed, recorded, and filed:

  • Total overview of each analysis.
  • On point of contact to address all analysis.
  • Road map
  • Track and trace all response.
  • PDF-file for each respondent.
  • Back-validation file.
  • Audit of system

The result is that the analyzing portal gives the overview as they click on return. Each response answers as defined analysis.

Pellucid TM not only ensures the quality of the data received it also ensure that the right actions points are addressed to ensure always the right services, secure and validate data are used in decision making.

Data-driven decision-making

With these features, Pellucid TM users enjoy various exclusive benefits, including:

  • Clarity and overview from real-time data.
  • Data-driven decision-making.
  • Early see trends and changes.
  • Organizing a large amount of data.
  • Model management managing versions, deployment, and execution of analysis.
  • Code-free self-service analysis.
  • The assumption from everyone, teams, or units.
  • Focus on employee skills and culture to drive transformations.

Pellucid TM focus on the demand for real-time information. Organizations, departments, and teams depend upon the ability to easily and smoothly get the right information at the right time.

To remain competitive in this changing landscape, everyone needs to be able to collaborate and securely share information anywhere, anytime. We can no longer wait 4-6 weeks for analysis or for information to be gathered.

Pellucid TM Gather and analyzes information in real-time.

Stakeholder management:

real-time feedback and worldwide documentation
When real-time captures the analysis from customers and suppliers

Overview of today process:

Get the information and analysis done in real-time to get the right discussion points, to pivot, and excel to ensure the metrics are key points for business resilience and success.

Modifying or adding new rules in itself requires clarity and complicated processes.

  • How to gain the alignment from stakeholders across?
  • How to ensure everyone’s feedback?
Real-time information and worldwide documentation

Is time-consuming and can be difficult to project, which can stretch the limited resources of most businesses.

As with, using manual analysis or outdated information can also expose the project and the risks to enhance the desired goals and outcome since time and involvement can simply delay the process.

The estimated time today is 3 ½ months to get the alignment with various stakeholders across the business. It challenges the business and its employees.

Today tasks change and it is the flexibility to adapt and pivot constantly to those changes.

A Secured Solution for You and Your Business

Pellucid TM from your tailored defined questionnaire or assessments Pellucid TM will gather and analyzes the information in real-time, the team will have access in real-time to the insight and facts they need to perform the task and solve assignments to the customer’s satisfaction.

If compassion is done by conducting the same exercise Pellucid TM not only saves

time but optimizes the secure and valid data performance.

The overall change is the automatization of data collection and analysis with the result of 46% in time and resource savings.   Offering the insight and facts needed with minimized risk and road-map building.

The saving you do with real-time solutions

The Collective Procedure

Pellucid TM follows the same procedure and process that enrolls today:

  1. Define the needs.
  2. Apply the assessment towards responds.
  3. Analyze and record the results.

Pellucid TM engages directly with every stakeholder involved and the benefits from listening to everyone optimizes the involvement and insight to new levels for future performance.

Pellucid TM is the clarity, transparency, and simplified way to gain the insight, facts, and evidence you need in a digital world today.

A one-point of contact

Build the services to match, and use real-time information to get the right actions points and IT-Solutions going forward from data-driven facts, insight, and evidence.

Access all analysis in one place, gather and analyze information in real-time from stakeholders, employees, customers, and clients.

From across the business:

Gain real-time analysis with prime data and make the process of information and applications faster.

Unite management.

  • The account holder is now able to communicate with all stakeholders fast easy and smooth.
  • Access availability to information to make data-driven decisions based on facts and insight direct from stakeholders across.
  • Address right actions points faster and smooth.


  • Align with stakeholders, from their information the agile way offering customers, clients and suppliers the clarity into specifications and demands to need and desire and business performance.


  • Build a resilient value chain from being informed. Feedback direct from respondents analyzed in real-time, is the most valid information business can base decisions upon and to know ahead offers opportunities to pivot to demands and specifications needs and desire all in time.

Pellucid TM

The solutions that enable basis for the right decision making from:

  • To engage on a deep level with stakeholder across align.
  • Engage will every single one and listen to their feedback.
  • Automized and easy to use from anywhere anytime.



All businesses need feedback to build a resilient high-performance with their clients, customers, stakeholders and suppliers, no matter their size. For project owners, departments, and teams the lack of time and resources to align and engage across can be demanding and require extensive resources.

PellucidTM makes all of this possible and all in real-time with simple, personalized access and secure connecting device PellucidTM is the shortest route to gain insight and facts from across the business enabling to access valuable data from anywhere without poses additional challenges.

With Pellucid TM, any account holder, and business can enjoy the results of the analysis in real-time anywhere, anytime and access the analysis, files, and data recorded, as well as files to understand the road map of changes, ready to answer management, from any network environment while eliminating the need to set up complicated analysis files and wasting time.

To find out how your business can start reaping the benefits of real-time prime data analysis today, visit or contact referring to this white paper.

When you choose Flexco you can expect:

  • Pellucid TM tailored for your specific needs.
  • Easy interface and a degree of user-friendliness
  • As SAAS or on premises.
  • a platform where you own your data! (we are GDPR-compliant)
  • a partner (FlexCo) which provides a personal service and support.
  • Guidance – IT- Competence, Change management, Project-steer. We never let go of a customer before they feel 100% comfortable working with our feedback-software.
  • a lot freer time as you do not have to burden with heavy analysis-work – let Pellucid TM do the math.

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