Feedback tool

The clarity and overview to act agile and resilient.

Feedback tool solutions is the agile way to gain a resilient business

How will a feedback tool strengthen your business?

Real-time information is powerful in a constantly changing world and the software will help grow your business. The Flexco dynamic concepts will transform the way you work and will help you provide exceptional customer service and experience.


To achieve feedback, the organization must:


1.     Define which behavior, ethics, and rules fall within the company’s territory.

2.     Plan, organize and develop internal guidelines and get feedback.

3.     Make feedback a tool and a factor when onboarding new employees.

4.     Set up a feedback chain to improve transparency and visibility.


Gain clarity to the strategy and the agile feedback- or assessment tool will help you achieve a trusted relationship and ensure each human process and procedure across the business.


How your employee’s experience problem solving and new initiatives supports their approach, when diving into the “novel normal”  And if necessary, you can create changes and act on facts – not conjectures.

Feedback for growth

Unlocks hidden potential, strength and opportunities.

ROI optimizatio

Unlocks and clarifies areas which are costing you money and time.

Agile and resilence

When access to analysis and overview is easy to gain for everyone.

align from facts and feedback

Feedback tool in the business

A feedback tool is an agile way to constantly track and trace changes among your co-workers, suppliers and customers. It is the agile way to gain a resilient business across.
From feedback we can align our differences, we can negotiate, we can improve and we can pin-point actions point with out losing time and money.

The solutions to gain alignment

Feedback from the questions asked, are the keys for alignment, new ways and opportunities and unlocks hidden potential. Feedback improves results, finds errors and can establish the success factors for the business.

> Alignment build from feedback is the core to a resilient business.
> Every protocol, check-list, assessment, and questionnaire is build with the purpose to avoid failure and risk
> Feedback minimizes risks.

define your alignment and feedback

Make it clear with a feedback tool

Make it clear and get the support to, how to gather and analyze information from suppliers have direct impact on your business performance and therefore the ability to gain the information fast and smooth without having to spend endless hours analyzing, is a main driver in the business today.