workflow optimization made easy with one approach and standard

A quality database

A Quality database with optional Joint Audit Database

Get all contacts and suppliers in the base

Easy to access all reports and answers

3 step view Overview-  Remote Audit – Onsite Audit

Frequently asked questions

With the database you have all information in one place.

Structure and update each questionnaire

Structure time for review and information

Sent questionnaires to unlimeted receptance

Structure you audits and times


The database comes with predefined GDP questionnaire, which must be used for the joint database if you want to access it.

You can enter any audit report you wish to share in the joint audit program. You can hold all reports and results for your use solely.

The joint Audit Program is optional.

You will with the database automatically recieve new questionnaires and form to keep your quality department updated.

With the joint audit database you will get access to audits and answers, but your team will have to do your evaluation. You still have control and your team will decide how to evaluate each audit.

You get access to audits, you see questions asked and answer and you define the audit report. This is first step to savings. It is  one approach.

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