Good documentation and quality management principles


Good documentation and quality management principles.

Why does quality need feedback from employees and suppliers?

Good documentation

Good documentation is the key to build a sustainable chain of resilient performance.

We need a stable reliable chain of performance. We need to know, what do move towards and how.

Good documentation is the first step, as from contract to process and procedure.

Good documentation and quality management principles

The core in the sustainability strategy and plan. The good documentation to act from. We can only respond to what we know – or believe.


The challenge today is that many of our systems build on trust, we believe the system and we believe the business are doing the right thing.


To know we need Good documentation and quality management principles, not only to gain the facts and insight, but also to plan, steer and navigate from.



At Flexco we help you get the feedback, analysis and documentation in real-time. To plan and pivot for business state of the art.


A manager today needs to know from facts and insight. You can no longer rely on what they believe. Behind the decision must be an analysis where you hold the documentation.


How often have you not seen a PowerPoint presentation, and you do not know how reliable the data behind the PowerPoint presentation is.


Students spend hours of setting up the best and most beautiful PowerPoint Presentations and the numbers are to your needs and match.



But are they true?


Real-time analysis and documentation.

We deliver it all. You get the analysis, the good documentation and you hold the facts and insight to make facts based decision from.



Quality insurance is no longer an audit, it is ongoing facts and insight to ensure you business performance.



The key is compliance through people and get all the benefits and improvements as they are implemented with your suppliers and vendors.



It is to follow customers want and needs to improve the business at all times. A solid stable supply chain that moves for the right reasons in the right direction at all times.


We are never better than the feedback we get – from the feedback we form our belief, and it is hard to ague with people who believe.


Facts and insight must be what we create our belief from, and how we make the evidence chain to always gain compliance through people.


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