Case-Story: Information in real-time

Pharmaceutical industry how to use real-time ( IRT solutions)

Information in real-time How can Flexco help save time, money while improving the quality at the same time? From insight- facts- evidence automatic analyzed  in real-time make the right decisions.



  • With an  easy 3 step process define-apply-record gain time and money towards your
    financial objectives and reduce risks, while ensuring compliance, grow revenue
    and margins.


  • One portal, with one approach simplify the process to insight-facts-evidence and
    gain the information to make the right decisions, risk-eliminate while you save
    time and money.


The roadmap to make the right decisions come from access into real-time data
and it eliminates the challenges and risks from the process of using historical
operational data, the error in data-cleaning and time reversal



Here are areas where real-time insight facts and evidence in the pharmaceutical industry
is in demand is


Supplier management:

Questionnaire regarding RFI and RFQ compliance, capability, and availability where procurement engages worldwide with potential suppliers and hereafter spend endless hours of analyzing.

Quality Department

Assessments, protocols, checklists, and questionnaires

Where QA engages worldwide with the same excel files and letter for information for hereafter to spend endless hours of analyzing and evaluating.

Inspections and audits basis to gain information to enable and compile the final evaluation and audit report.

Keep files and on-going evaluations in one portal.

Easy interface to access on any device

Finalize on-site inspections while on-site

Line of business


It can be challenging training many employees and ensuring that they get the right insight facts and overview. With analytics in real-time, it is possible to engage with all employees at the same time. Imagine having a webinar where you can receive questions from all employees in real-time or even better you can ask questions – documented to all involved in the webinar.

Using the spectacle virtual glasses, you can even show – live training on how process and procedure should be done.

Checklist and protocols

With analytics in real-time gain insight and facts from checklists and protocols. This enables to minimize risks and gain knowledge of deviations and perform CAPA and change to make the right decisions going forward.

In the portal have all files as structured data ready to import into excel or have per answer a PFD file for documentation.


With an easy to access tool on as an app, it is easy for anyone to answer the question or engage to ensure that the implementation runs smooth.


Engage world-wide, with the tool it is easy to ensure all your employees receive your training with confirmation without having to analyze or file anything.  Keep every updated.

The is information in real-time – capture real-time – get pdf files and worldwide documentation.

Control and Evidence

Information in real-time – can change it all, think about if your Supply Chain can easily get information from suppliers without having to enter or send out and excel sheet to each supplier, or address all your employees with information they can respond on without you having to analyze it.

Find the key, get the point, get ahead and do the improvements whether it is for your Supply Chain, Your staff and employees or it is supplier monitoring.

Checklist and protocols are automatically made and filed and can always be recalled.


capture real-time information