The easy plug-and-go tool to multi-engagement gives

·        Information and records in real-time

·        The virtual reality spectacle glasses


Insight and fact from Assessments, Protocols, Checklist, Questionnaires world-wide one approach and defined as you need. This digital solution is the journey into partners, suppliers, vendors, and customer to ensure collaboration standard and levels anytime anywhere

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The roadmap to make the right decisions come from access into real-time data. The strength to do the right thing at the right time. It’s the decisions you make



The opportunities is endless, think about being able to know, not only can you get insight in real-time but it is pure and clean insight for you to make the right decisions



The weakness by having access to data in real-time, how can it offer weakness. We still have to face what are the weakness with data in real-time



The Threat is that our competitors choice to use analytics in real-time before we get started and gain the inisght

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Supplier management:

Questionnaire regarding RFI and RFQ compliance, capability, and availability where procurement engage world-wide with potential suppliers and hereafter spend endless hours of analyzing.

Line of business


It can be challenging training many employees and ensuring that they get right insight facts and overview. With analytics in real-time it is possible to engage with all employees at the same time. Imagine having a webinar where you can receive questions from all employees in real-time or even better you can ask question – documented to all involved in the webinar.

Using the spectacle virtual glasses, you can even show – live training how process and procedure should be done.


Checklist and protocols

With analytics in real-time gain insight and facts from checklists and protocols. This enables to minimize risks and gain knowledge of deviations and perform the changes needed to make the right decisions going forward.

In the portal have all files as structured data ready to import into excel or have per answer a PFD file for documentation.



With an easy to access tool on as an app, it is easy for anyone to answer the question or engage to ensure that the implementation runs smooth.



Engage world-wide and ensure all your employees receive your training with confirmation without having to analyze or file anything.

Keep every updated


Control and Evidence

Checklist and protocols are automatically made and filed and can always be recalled.