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Remote Audits and Inspections

are performed to ensure the compliance regulations, guidelines,
requirements and specifications. Inspections and Audits are critical for evaluating
the performance of the processes and procedures in place ensuring the compliance.

When restricted to travel and do the tradition on-site inspections and
audits is not possible, it can address your organization at risk for compliance gaps and
potentiallyjeopardizing the whole supply chain. Remote audits and inspections give your organization
an alternative to ensure continuing compliance.

The Fl-tool to ensure your remote
inspections and audits efficient and accurate.

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  • Tender process and evaluation for optimization
  • Assessment tool
  • Protocols and checklists
  • Features Flexibility definition
  • Realtime reports
  • Audit and approved compliance worldwide
  • Track and trace supply chain and optimize the savings
  • Add value and transparency to customers and suppliers
  • View blind spots in the market, in the supply chain for overall efficiency
  • Helping achieve the right partners and collaboration for long terms solutions
  • Analyze benefits
  • Product overview of demand and specification
  • Establish the right process and procedure
  • Procurement tools and consequences
  • Software skills
  • Software design