Data collection and analytics tool
for procurement and manufacturing

– Assessments

– Protocols

Main Industry Drivers

Here are the 4 reasons
Why we help you start your digital journey through alignment across your business

Feedback and alignment with management

Growing Demand For Products​

Real-time analysis direct from source enhance the ability to forecast and pivot changes

Increased Pressure To Reduce Cost​

The customer value chain is the core driver and real-time information the insight you need

Improve Quality And Documentation

The small piece of software to gather and analyze information in real-time. With your Tailored needs

Improve Capability and Expertise

Gain the alignment across the business and align with partners, suppliers and all for your customers benefits.

The Team Work

Give your team a tool where they work together to align and road-map across the business

Define your needs

And start building your tailored assessments and gap analysis. Without having to spend any time on excel.​

align from facts and feedback

Apply to respondent

As they answer you get the analysis, report and blue-print automatically generated Focus where you add value.​

alignment call

Your Alignment Benefits

Are, that you can address and pivot fast and smooth with your teams and suppliers Address the right topics and actions.

Why Analyze In Real-time

The insight you get, when you gather and analyze in real-time enhance options to pivot

Simplify The Process

The benefits to get facts and insight automatically 40% earlier frees resources

results in realtime
The Teams That We Support

The overview you long for, the documentation to back your actions up, the alignment for greater performance
Access all your analysis one place

shortcut to results with stakeholder management

Analyze In Real-time You Can Rely On

Prime-data analyzed in real-time is the most valid result and report you can get to your teams

Tailor To Your Needs

Get your team started on a the easy 3 step proven method to do analysis in real-time
Take one of our courses and get training in data collection and analytics in real-time

align from facts and feedback

100 % flexible

Real-team work. Start building your tailored assessments and gap-analysis. Data collection and Analytics as you need

Minimize Risk

Real-time insight and facts offer your team the right points and enhance the actions plan

Feedback and alignment with management

Management Reach

The new and innovative shortcut to success because you act from real-time information

Pivot from a click on bottom

Gain the alignment and facts 100 % defined to your needs

100 % Tailored

A proven method tailored by your team. Start your road-map today

100 % flexibility
To define the questions you need analyzed
Don't just take our word for it - Try It

The overview you are looking for.

On-line tools will help you pivot faster

Powerful insights by creating and sending out online assessments or questionnaires to target audience. Define templates, AND get real-time analysis has never been easier before!

Available on IPad, Phone and Desktop

Create, share and analyze results on multiple platforms anytime, from anywhere. Collect responses analyzed and i real-time.

Share with a click on a bottom

Distribute your assessments to your target send email or SMS as you define.

Automatize your analysis

From easy defines assessments, questionnaires gain analysis, reports and blue-print back logs

Online Training Courses

Take a course

Access All Your Analysis In One Place


Always Your Tailored Approach

How can you solve a problem if you do not know it

Here is a simplified way to align and get the answers you need - take a course

The intelligent piece of software

Reliable on-line support teams - available for you on-going

Get The Software

A Proven Method

100% Tailored 100% unique

SAAS /On-premises

Benefits with real-time analysis

The most valid report you information your team can base their decisions on

25-62 %

When retrieve and analyze is automated, we estimate 62 % time savings

Inspections and Audits can cut to facts and insight smooth

Pre-Qualification of Suppliers and vendors find the gaps earlier

Training and Stakeholder Management in alignment

Supply Chain we road-map the chain

Customers and Patients satisfaction


Real-time Data
The Competitive Advantage

+ Alignment across
+ Stable analysis process
+ Minor Risk
+ Save resources
+ Optimize ROI > +25-35%

Flexco is part of the FlexcoGroup ™

Gather Information and Analyze in Real-time – 100% tailored your needs

Sustainability in the whole supply chain

The CDMO insight

What is a CDMO value-driven strategy?

How can CDMOs achieve differentiation?

Why does pharmaceutical companies to rely on outsourced facilities?

How can you ensure the data meets regulatory requirements?