1. Use The Digital Solutions to get and overview of your GDP

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What does an overview mean and how can you use it.

Today, every Pharma company is obligated to do an audit before using a supplier. It often means that companies that want to deliver to the pharmaceutical industry do many audits a year for many different companies and all with a different result.

There is no control and steering. With the Flexco.dk system you get to see the questions asked and the answers replied. It means that the evaluation is always the same and each company can hold the basis of evaluation.


Overview level

The overview in GDP is approximately 2400 different questions and if you choose to share the information you get access to the answers of the 2400 questions.

It is not a final audit report, the system will generate and lock the data, and your quality department must evaluate and write the final audit report

Flexco.dk does not do audits nor write audit reports we help secure data and accuracy due to the data collected and it is up to each company to do the remote auditing and on-site auditing.


Overview final

Flexco.dk see the strength and industry force to be in sharing information to secure compliance and integrity.

Not the evaluation and final report as each entity have different requirements.

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