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1. Consultant services:

We offer consultant services to help you gain insight and results in Procurement, Sourcing, and Supply Chain.

Our consultant comes with our automizing analysis tool to help you gain insight and facts in realtime.

With structured data and insight decisions for development and progress can be defined.


2. Software tools to analyze in realtime:

One tool One Approach – Define – Apply – Record

With right approach and tool you safe time and money wil you gather information in real time.

  • Assessment Protocols and Checklist tools
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Inspection and audit tool
Save time and money and never lose a file again.

3. Software Developers.

Frontend- Backend Skills, Mobile Android, Mobile iOS, Backend Skills


4. Boxes +2-+8 and +15-+25 and Packaging solutions for GDP-compliance

Our Partners supports and helps optimize and deliver best practice performance.


 The One Approach Princip

From using the analyzing tool you get the one approach principle, you eliminate the risk in your answers from inspections and audits. Information is be filed in one place and you can keep using the same form for different suppliers and vendors.

Consultant Services:

Procurement, Sourcing
Supply Chain, Cooling boxes
Tenders and Spend analysis

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