Procurement How to use analysing tool in realtime


Insight in the industrie

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Procurement Consultant Service

With years of experience and proven track record we hold consultants that can steer and navigate a solid process and procedure in procurement.

Using the 2Comply concept we can simplify processes and procedures, atomize analysis, and expand overview of task

With total ownership of value to tasks

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  • Tendersproces - with the 2Comply concept gain result in realtime
  • Procurement tools and spend overview
  • One approach worldwide ( we can address 50 suppliers in One e-mail
  • Real time analysis - save customer time
  • Transperancy with Q&A - support and expand insight
  • Global Procurement and Quality alliance in same approach
  • Simplify Processes By One System to Share Best practice
  • Compliant e-mails to GDPR
  • Mobile applications - stay in tough
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Simply Processes -
Expand Overview - Expand Credibility - Automize Analysis

Supplier Management can help your performance and service
from more angles:

Speed The Process


How to use the analyzing tool in real time

The portal helps you gather information and turn data into insight and evidence to gain facts-based negotiation

Value-Based Procurement
Spend time were you add value

Simplify the Process to

Define – 2. Apply – 3- Record

From the overview in the spend-tree enable the spend in each Category.

·        Demand analysis: Road map

·        Specifications: Define and clarify your specifications

·        Market assessment

·        Supplier longlist

·        RFI template

·        Sourcing

·        RFQ