Respond well. We can only respond good if we know.


Respond well.

The need to respond well rises in a constantly changing world. We must as humans be dynamic and flexible.

Respond well is the key to get:

The job, work, business, friend, grade, partnership, relation, title, teams, and alignment.

Let’s face it, it does not matter what you do, it’s about how you make people feel. The worst can do the best and it won’t matter. It is all about the collaboration you create.

We believe as people make us feel.

Respond well is the key and door opener to most things in life.

Respond well in the job.

When you apply for the job, you get hired for your skills, but when you get fired, it is because of how you respond. The fact is that we must respond dynamic and flexible and always respond well.

On a daily basis, we need to align with our colleagues and managers, and if they are to like you, you must respond in a way where you make them feel good with your response.

To respond well, does not mean you agree with management, or colleagues, it means that you protect and take good care of yourself and your name.

If you are critical to a decision, or you believe that a solution should be performed differently. Think carefully and do not at any time respond until you can respond well.

Case story:

I use to work in a company, that always choose the cheapest solution in all their logistics. The management was run very closed, and the team of the finance director, Logistic director, and the CEO, was a closed club.

I made the management aware, when I started the position, that they could not serve food on normal tables and let food stand out in 4 hours, I also made them aware that they could not transport goods, not documented on the ferry.

What do you think I got out of that?

That they froze me out, that they hacked my phone and e-mail, and called everyone I know.

So do not be critical openly, think about how you can either change it and if not leave or make real safe whistleblowing where you can be anonymous.

What was the mistake, I thought I could solve the problem, I should have left, or made real safe whistleblowing.

Always in work respond well.

Customers view

How to gather feedback is the key to understanding your customers, at Flexco we help you gather feedback, analyze, report, and document – all in one flow in real-time. Today businesses need insight and facts to make the right decision based on valid data.

Is it difficult to gather the information?

No, not at all. We do this from an assessment or survey, we turn simple questions into reliable data and analysis. No more sending out excel files and consolidating data risk full.

With our concept, you get it all in one.

Get to know your customer much better by following them, see the trends and moves.

Get feedback from customers to understand, what they want, like, and fear.

Case story:

Every customer and client buy from, what they believe and how they experience your product and services. How your product or services respond to their needs.

Do you believe:

  • a car will look the same next 10 years?
  • the workplace will be as today?
  • job descriptions as today?

When will changes come to your business? How will you gather the feedback on the changes you will need to make. How fast can you adapt? and how many resources will you be using?

Digital transformation is here, the future is here it is just not very well distributed. Where are you, and where is your business.

Supplier compliance.

In a constantly changing world, how do ensure you get the benefits and optimization. Real-time feedback, documentation, and analysis is the key to start building the chain of evidence you need.

With our concept you can gather the information you need from your suppliers and stay ahead and compliant at all times.

We use to send out excel files and consolidate the data, build a beautiful PowerPoint presentation and let management see the results. The problem was, where were the data from and who responded what.

If you need to send out an excel file, consolidate, build a PowerPoint presentation, and file it all. You have already lost very variable information and time. If your team spends 80% of their time gathering and analyzing to show you a report.

How will you get the benefits and optimization as a competitive advantage?

get feedback to align and build sustainability

Employee feedback.

Knowing and engaging with your employees is a must to align the agile way. The only way you as management can know employees’ experience and needs is if you ask them.

Do not ask them if they like to work for you! You pay their paycheck. Ask them how they can improve performance, services, and products.

Ask them what they need to make your business the best workplace in the world. Facts are the only things that make your business different is your employees, they solve the problems, they get things done.

So why would you not want to give them the best tools and opportunities to make customers’ experiences even better?

Feedback in real-time can help you overcome and solve many problems before they occur.

Case story:

As an employee, I depend upon, what software, tools, and solutions are available to me to solve the problems in my job. I need to make sure, that suppliers are compliant, that the processes are right set and that the procedures match customers’ needs.

When I could not make the legal set up for transportation of goods to the island with the ferry. The process was wrong and the procedure was wrong.

The feedback was clear, the goal was clear and even the solutions were clear, so why did I not manage to solve the problem, because management did not engage with employees.

They are old-grown in management, who believe they can bully their way to results. Employees need tools to solve the problems and in a constantly changing world, new tools are in demand to solve the new rising problems.

Respond well.


Respond well at all times. No matter what the circumstances are or what is happening, never let it get to you. Respond well because you know the facts and insight.

We can only respond to what we know, or what we believe. Even further, you respond to what you believe and what you know.

As a respondent, you hold the power over how you want to engage going forward. Never lose your gut, or chances because you lose your temper.

At Flexco our concept is to gather the information and ensure the insight and facts and we know how much RESPOND well means to get the job, work, business, partner, colleague, team, promotion, career etc.

We partner with Coachingandlife to support businesses to keep the alignment and sustainability and we partner with AnonymousWhistleBlowing to ensure you have a safe place to report deviations.

Respond well.

The key is feedback.