Supply Chain Integrity

Build a feedback solution to ensure the compliance across the supply Chain. The example we run through here are to GDP compliance, but can be established to all conventions across your business.

The Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain integrity starts out with end-to-end contracts. Ensuring that you do not deal with a supplier or a customer where you do not hold a contract.

Check out how easy we collect the feedback to ensure end-to-end solutions.

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The money in the Supply Chain

World-wide feedback solutions.

Supply Chain integrity and security by access to information. Through a consistency evaluations system where defined, applied, and documented ensures the Pharma chain from end-to-end.

Click and check. How real-time gather the information

Procurement initiatives the resilience

The chain of performance starts out with needs to be compliant.

The department of Procurement is no long a buy and deliver role, the role is to align with stakeholders needs for business performance and ensure the ongoing.


The ability to move from strategy to execution.

Enable contracts that holds the right processes and procedures for flexibility.

Supply Chain Integrity

Demands for needs arise with customers needs.

Procurement need strong stakeholder management tools to ensure that the CPO has line of business support. No procurement officer wants to fail from support the organization or management wrong.

Working in the pharmaceutical industry with conventions as GMP and GDP allows processes and procedures to be made to match legislation and law.

Procurement in other industries, where limits, good enough are build from years of experience can make it harder to find the alignment you need. Here a you need even better stakeholder management feedback.

Supply chains 4 driving forces are


Focus on Supply Chain Performance

Agile Feedback concepts for collaboration and the self-organizing.

Does not mean that there are not any manager in control. It means, that teams have the ability to figure out, how they’re going to approach things on their own.

With a Stakeholder feedback tool, you open for the alliance between procurement, management and logistics to faster and smooth.

  1. Understand each other point of few
  2. Secure right topics get right focus
  3. Higher the level
  4.  Wipe out misunderstandings

When you face uncertainty, test what you believe might work, get feedback, and adjust accordingly. Because feedback is analyzed in real-time you no longer have to wait, days and weeks for analysis to completed.


The risk approach.

The Supply Chain works with a Validation risk approach. What is the likelihood that a mistake or error can, will or do occur.  We want o minimize the likelihood for mistakes, but on the other side, we also do not want to pay more money than needed for a service.

How we choose to work with the likelihood model, decides how we prepare the organization, employees, suppliers and vendors for How to deal with performance.

What is the likelihood, that a all contracts end to end are in place, and what mistakes does the business face in case it is discovered there is no end-to-end solution?

The likelihood model is an approach to minimize risk.

The biggest Challenges today?

Some of the biggest challenges today is to gather and analyze the information and have the right overview because:

  1. Growing Demand For Products
  2. Increased Pressure To Reduce Cost
  3. Improve Quality And Documentation
  4. Improve Capability and Expertise


Building an agile approach with feedback across the chain allows you to enhance flexibility and gain strong competence and attract the best talents in the industry.

Reduce the cost and optimize quality

With a tool that can analyze in real-time – data from today, you take yourself ahead. The Supply Chain depends on facts and insight.

The need to ensure training, engagement and quality, through the real-time validation and insight.


Working with real-time analysis. Offers features and free resources to focus.




The flow

Being able to draw the chain and having insight at all levels.

End-to-End solutions and the feedbackstreet that is needed to work a safe chain while being flexible and a strong improver.

A full overview from one approach

Total overall overview

FL0100  Full GDP supply Chain For the given wholesaler, broker, transportation or activity

FL0500  Good Distribution Practices of management, operational and system approach.

FL0501  Approach to outsourced activities, quality role, responsibilities and personnel training

FL0550  Overall quality, roles, responsivities, and training.

FL0600   Training roles and responsibilities of personnel working with medicinal products

FL0601  Hygiene and indicators

FL0800  Logistics: Equipment and validation of equipment setup.

FL1000  DOCUMENTATION visible by tracking, process and procedure

FL1100  OVERVIEW OF OPERATIONS, Product control, shell-life, alarm, pick, destruction

FL1200 COMPLAINTS, returns, suspected falsified recalls are handled in the Supply Chain

FL1300  Overview of the Outsourced activities:

FL1400  Self-inspection

FL1500  Overall overview of transportation

FL1600  Specific provisions for brokers

FL1700   Questions to documentation GDP overview include documents of quality documentation

FL1800  Supplier check, Customer Check, Orders, Receipt of products, Storage, destruction, pricking and claims

End-to-End solution

End-to-End Solution.