Sustainability – The Agile Way To Cultivate A Resilient Business

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Sustainability feedback is the key to a resilient business. The facts are we are never better than the feedback we get, the new trend is resilience.

We most often think about sustainability as green energy from wind:

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But actually, sustainability is much more than that.

Sustainability is doing the right thing “in the moment”, it is so easy to choose fake, cheap, and cheat, and today we see cheaper, cheat, and fake than ever. It is hard to know what is right and wrong, we have taken routes and detours and done things we never should have.

Sustainability – feedback the agile way to handle changes and opportunities for a resilient business.

We need feedback to understand if what we do is the right thing. We need to measure what matters, and we need to be able to address the right actions at the right time.

Feedback is the key to gain the sustainability we are looking for, we want to adjust our performance to customers’ needs and expectations without failure.

The voice of the customer is the target we must meet, within the barriers of a sustainable business.

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It all starts in the Supply Chain.

A sustainable Supply Chain has feedback from suppliers to address the right actions points in time and when needed. Without software – gather and analyze information in real-time you build sustainability in the Supply Chain from end-to-end.

Sustainability comes from alignment or compliance every company has it guidelines to how they perform and conduct business and it is us – the customer – who decide if we believe, want, desire the products and services they are offering manufactured within the set of rules.

Why Regulation and sustainability matters.

It’s for our safety and security, we need to document that law and legislation are followed in what the industry calls compliance.

Compliance was trendy 10 years ago, and the power of being compliant was important and a core driver for any company wanting to enter the market.

Today the trend has changes it is now compliance + sustainability we want businesses to follow the rules, and customers want to know it is resilient and lasting.

We grow huge companies, customers choose what they know and what they believe is good. It has always been so, but today the transparency adds advantages to those, who can get visibility on social media.

Within many industries, there are regulations and guidelines to follow to ensure sustainability. Within Pharmaceuticals there is the GMP and GDP guidelines and the regulator is FDA.

Food Drug Association has guidelines which every pharmaceutical industry must follow, set up in protecols as processes and procedure. As consumer we do not stand a change in ensuring that products and services are produced correctly.

We add sustainability as a new indicator and factor.

What does that mean how can we measure that a business and a performance is sustainable? – what kind of strategy must be in place and what kind of documentation must each business hold?

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