GDP Compliant

The Chain of Compliance

We help build the Supply Chain

We support validation

Continuering GDP compliance

To gain good partnerships and good working practices involves inspections and audits, working closely with your provider and do inspections and audits in all aspects of their GxP obligations.

In a world of constantly change in staff, regulations, and standards this has become costly and time consuming.

The tool helps build a one-way approach where you constantly are updated in Realtime, weather that is training, checklist, inspections, or audits. The portal allows you to quickly update or send out tenders to gather information and results in real time

GDP Logistics and transportation ensures the safety and delivery level and service.

Streamline your inspections

How to get compliance between law and legislation and processes and procedure. One approach tool to support all other systems

Deliver Mangement reports

The software tool changes data to insight and your final audit report now holds evidence and tools to proceed in a compliant way and manner

Gather information to one place

Ensure compliance across trucks planes ships

Audit and inspection of 3 pl and stocking

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