Supplier feedback

Supplier feedback the key for any business to stay updated and compliant at all times. With out solutions you get 2 options, one we do it all set it up and show you how. 2. we give you training in the tool and you take over. We always offer on-going training and support included.

Voice of supplier – supplier feedback you create alignment, compliance, and build an agile resilient business.


Voice of supplier or supplier feedback; Buying services and products from a reliable and trustworthy business is what makes us feel safe and good.

Businesses, where we rely on their compliance, are the pharmaceutical, food industry, production, and medical device. Their ability to link the chain, ensure that suppliers deliver the agreed, that employees follow the process and procedure is the key to their growth and resilience performance.


Build the chain to face uncertainty, changes, and flexibility.


Tie the chain together and build a resilient business that is flexible, dynamic, and can steer naturally through uncertain times.

The processes and procedures must be set up to handle the feedback that comes.

Most businesses today, get the information too late, production does not get information about changes fast enough from suppliers, customers, and market changes.

We want to change that, we want to ensure that each link has the ability, capability, and structure to gain the information, insight, and facts they need

Respond well to the next chain


Build the
Business case

the information
you need

Plan &
Define the impact

the feedback

and ongoing

Supplier feedback in real-time.

Our Suppliers are the key to our high performance

Set up continuing feedback to ensure your business is well informed and has the right negotiations points. 

Procurements’ prime task is to the information and know the demands and specifications from the business and align this with suppliers and vendors. Stakeholder management is feedback, Assessments to suppliers are feedback. All we do is simplify it to feedback in real-time, get the insight and facts – save time and resources – while building a resilient chain across.

The performance of your suppliers has a direct impact on the products and services you deliver. Optimize insight and facts.

Get the information in time to be able to adjust, be flexible and act dynamically.

Make high-impact decisions, Improve flexibility and performance while constantly adapting, optimizing resources, and spend.

Build the
Business case

Feedback from a supplier is the voice of supplier; has a direct impact on business performance.

Alignment with your suppliers, on performance, is the key to optimize your business performance. Alignment on-demand and specifications such as deliveries, quality, quantity is the key to your supply chain’s performance. Deviations and gaps arise when the process and procedure fail to align.

Our feedback solutions are the simplified way of handling complexity and time-consuming analysis to gain insight and facts. 

Often process from initiation to implementation is too long, lack of engagement from stakeholders, and the process of RFQ requires a long time analysis. How to gather and analyze information in real-time and gain not only the analysis but reports and a backlog validation file – saves more than 40% of resources that can be spent on improving solutions and optimizing performance.

The tool can support the following areas:


the information
you need

the information/change

Define the feedback needed to align.

Change, challenges, and opportunities call for more information, insight, and facts to enable the right decision-making.


From continuing Feedback, setup gets the key to aligning with changes, see new trends and opportunities early in the phase.


Procurement needs ongoing insight and facts from suppliers to ensure demands and specifications, often the gap is wide because the time frame between tenders or assessments is too long.


The feedback solution will automatize gather and analyze the information you need, desire, and want to ensure each link in the chain across the business.


A continuing feedback solution in supplier management will enable.


  • An agile way to align with suppliers ongoing.
  • Build resilience from constantly optimization.
  • Right negotiations points.
  • Negotiation into processes and procedure.
  • Strong outcome and resilient partnership.


Today’s challenges we hear are analyzing time, where is it filed, and how does the road map looks, too much manual work to update the system.


We are never better

than the feedback

we get from suppliers, the voice of supplier.


Performance and capability depend on the supply performance from suppliers across and our business performance depends upon how fast we get insight and facts about changes, challenges, or new opportunities.


Feedback – the voice of supplier – is to ensure our performance, service level, and quality. Our customer’s needs, desire,s and how we help them depends upon our dynamic and flexibility in adjusting to new needs and desires.


From continuing feedback – we hear the voice of the supplier and get insight and facts early in the curve to adjust where we need to minimize risk and save money.

Plan &
Define the impact


Plan – Define the change management.

Changing times call for changes in solutions and setup. The organization needs insight and facts in time to respond well.

Plan the unplannable, give the organization the tools and support to be able to handle the unforeseen, unpredictable because they have a tool to gain the feedback one link back from suppliers and vendors.

Building and planning an ongoing feedback structure requires collaboration and strong teams to ensure we ask the right questions to answer or needs.

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are protocols defined to match the needs of GMP and GDP regulations. Everywhere there is a requirement there is the opportunity to set up an assessment and support your own organization.

Your teams want to succeed and improve the changes by listening to the voice of the supplier.


The voice of supplier.


The voice of supplier is essential; because it goes one chain back; they know ahead of you challenges, changes, and opportunities.

The demand, quality, and deliveries are insights you need on regular basis to respond well across the organization.

Facts are that never has the feedback been more important. We have for way too long – used the like-like-likes but we need action and initiatives to build a resilient business.


A resilient business with the voice of supplier.


Your suppliers and partners fulfill tasks that you want to perform better than your own organization is capable of, therefore, get feedback from your suppliers to ensure your compliance and performance at all times.

the feedback

Implementation of voice of supplier

Build the business case, where you want to start getting, get our consultant to support your team along the process to full implementation, or get introduced to how the software work and all features.


Feedback is the key to align the business across, it is the compliance one link back.



The voice of supplier implementation.

  • Tailor the account to your company.
  • Get training in all features
  • Set the business plan where you want to start
  • Get first set of feedback
  • Align your team on the way to handle feedback
  • Take right points from the feedback
  • Address with the team the right actions points.

Move on and build the next link in the chain.




At Flexco we understand the need to build feedback solutions and online, on-site we offer support to see it through. We also partner with Coachingandlife to ensure the needs for alignment with the feedback. We leave no one behind.


Working with feedback strengthens the team to new levels of insight and performance to ensure ROI, strategy, and department performance.



If you want support to get started:

  • book a call and we set it up.
  • Want us to implement the first test and try.
  • Want us to test and implement the feedback solution.


At Flexco; we support our customers end-to-end to ensure that the feedback solution offers what the business needs and wants.



Agile ongoing alignment across.

The voice of supplier, we are never better than the feedback we get. Suppliers must inform us if their performance changes, improves, or upgrades. Way too many times are we step behind and here are all the benefits you get with building and continuing feedback set up.



Automate – the road map and tie it all together at all times, with voice of supplier.


Feedback – gather information and analyze in real-time.

  • Collection,  one point of contact.
  • Analysis, done in real-time
  • Report, done in real-time.
  • Files, and backlog validation files done in real-time.

One Approach and same quality in the assessments.

  • Quality, easy to gain the overview of analysis in real-time.
  • Competence, and expertise build into all assessments.
  • Compliance, and road-map ongoing
  • Performance, always your high performance level.

Alignment the agile way.

  • Quality.
  • Overview, analysis, report..
  • Quality validation back-log file.
  • The agile way to address points from insight and facts.

Speed is real-time from Voice of supplier.

  • Informative insight.
  • Evaluation time.
  • Updates.
  • Compliance.

Voice of supplier; Share goals and performance.

  • Best Practice, ongoing feedback lets you get ahead in the curve.
  • Multi-Experience, the insight you need.
  • Multi-Engagement, the answers from the right people no matter how many.
  • Feedback, the key to align and respond well at all times.


Ensure the feedback in each link, is a competitive advantage for your business, it gives you the insight and facts to stay ahead at all times.


Every decision made by management is made on basis of the feedback they get from the organization and good feedback makes better decisions which again leads to better performance for the business.


Voice of suppliers is one of the 3 most important feedback sets up your business needs to stay aligned with the market, customers, laws, and legislation.


agile and ongoing

Agile ongoing alignment across


Flexibility and dynamic offer your teams insight and facts to drive the business forward, using the feedback solutions is an agile way to align for resilience.


The whole chain of of supplier feedback.