What Real time offers is time to improve and optimize to even better


Real time is the key to get more time to focus on improvements and scopes.

How can real time support us to optimize and improve the business even better?

Why is real time a game-changer?

No one, makes a decision without having an analysis? and we make a lot of decisions based on hunchs. We speak from experience and a chain of the past.

Knowledge is power and has you ever heard, we have tried this, it did not work.

Real time is here to change it. In a busy schedule, how do you find the time to do hours of analysis, make PDF files and documentation? All meetings still take place and you must make decisions sometimes based on the hunch you have.

At Flexco we are here to support you get beyond and ahead. With our concept and software solutions, you can easily and smoothly have your analysis and files in real time.

What does that mean? Use the precious time to focus on solutions and the improvements you want and need.

Here is an example where real time can improve performance.

The Supply Chain.

Supplier performance from 3 PL’s set up the right processes and procedures to ensure your products get the right conditions and handling.

  • Set up protocols to gain the road map.
  • Supplier monitoring.
  • Pre-qualification.
  • Information to the chain as check-lists protocols and follow ups.

Facts that can support each link in the chain to get informed can optimize and improve the overall Supply Chain.

Customer Voice

Listen to your customers and where they are heading, how long before customer change and desire >> enters your business or do you not get the insight at all. One-time feedback can not support and show you trends, but when you over time in real time gain the insight and facts from your customers a pattern and trend will start showing up.

Use the insight and facts you gain to roadmap and address the right actions points. It is not only a way to gain insight into your customers it is also a tool that will support your employees in making better decisions based upon the facts they have evidence for.

Supplier Voice

Listen to your suppliers Monitoring your supplier’s performance is the key to improve your business and stay compliant. Suppliers improve their products and services and the sooner you are informed the faster and better you can take advantage of those new features and improvements. Supplier monitoring in real time is the key to stay ahead and again one-time feedback every 2 years or an audit every 2 years does not give you the insight and facts you need to improve your business.

To really benefit from supplier monitoring you need to set up ongoing feedback to gain you the trends and improvements which can support your business, because the concept is built on real time analysis and documentation you are not adding more work to your workforce adverse you are giving your teams and organization a tool to gain facts and insight.

It will offer your organization the right points to address agile and build a more resilient performance in all links of the chain.

An organization that holds insight and facts documented and build over time can see where the weak links are and address with them better and smarter action points.

Everyone works very hard today and everyone has very high performance and therefore to support and keep shapen the ROI and it will take your organization ahead.

The fact is that –

Mistakes generate mistakes.

Where real time information gets into the flow better solutions appear

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