Whistle Blowing How to stay anonymous and do the right thing


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What is the right thing to do?

How do we do the right thing once we know what they right thing to do is.

The digital transformation has made it more difficult to risk evaluate, and to find mistakes and error unless the system is set up right way first time.

Nothing never comes right out the first time, if it did it – it properly is not anything innovative.

Difference between innovation and improvements.

Most businesses make small improvements. Take minor steps but few make innovation. 50 years ago we were sawing the clothes in Europa and The USA. today same method is moved to China. We did an optimization of the money we spend but we did not do innovation.

The right thing to do can be many things, but when doing the right thing is innovative you get something resilient and better in life.

Why the Whistle blowing directive EU – to focus on the right thing.

How can we change the way we perform into the right thing. It is not only how we do it, we must focus on what we do to ensure we do the right thing.

One of the best ways to get the information and documentation is to get the feedback from everyone in the chain, link it up to a compliant supply chain.

Why do you believe there is a need for a Wistle blowing directive to support the people who want to support and do the right thing?

It’s a different mindset. Why not just tell your leader or manager, why can you not engage with your manager about what is going on.

If I ague this, from my side, I believe people should not tell their manager or leader, they should just walk away, get a new job. My experience is that you get frozen out, they bully you, the blame you and then they fire you.

They make it look as you are the problem.

Compliance through people.

Strong corporation seek compliance through people and cultivates a culture for people to share their minds, if we do not get into mind sharing, other countries will get ahead faster and smarter.

A flexco we understand the need for documentation and feedback from people, it is the voice of customers, suppliers and employees that can support the business stay compliant agile and resilient.

New business has greate features and advantages.

Before making a choice about what to do, then choice to get the feedback and documentation and you even get the analysis and all in real-time.

You can only know what to do, once you have the feedback and real-time makes it valid and how the world looks today. We need to think differently, we cannot address problems we do not know, and we need to make decisions basec on facts and evidence.

Green solutions means that you hold the compliance through people.

With a tool that can gather and analyze information in real-time and give you documentation and files, you need to think about what you will do, while today most people at work think about how they fit in, how they manage, how the fit their boss.

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Why staying anonymous and do the right thing matters – Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

How to stay ananomous

How to do the right thing

There will be added to this blog – once we have investigated more.

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