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The Whistleblowing directive, the support to both sides to optimize the effect and results

It ensures the business get's the information and takes the right actions, and it protects the whistleblower from having to deal with all the personal harassment that will arise.

At Flexco we support the chain of feedback - analysis and documentation in real-time. We support the evidence chain.

To ensure a sustainable chain across from supplier into the business, from employees to management and from customers to board and leaders.

Please find the Whistleblowing directive here

At Flexco we collaborate with AnonymousWhistleBlowing.eu to ensure the right way forward.

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Asked on 19. September 2021 14:26

Can you tell me what Sustainability and Whistleblowing – How are they connected in changing times?

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Answered On 21. October 2021 16:21

We partner with Whistleblowing.eu and we help you get into the subscription that matches your needs. The deadline is dec. 1 2021

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Answered On 21. September 2021 7:04