The GREAT cocktail of People who align smart and sustainable


Smart and sustainable.

Better, smart, and sustainable to make it long-lasting. Cheap cheat and fake are out, the real thing is in.

We get new solutions for Omnichannel retailing, what does it mean and how will it impact your life. Omnichannel provides an endless, seamless, and continuous experience to the customer across any device and location – that a customer desire. Every single touchpoint the customers experience is part of the brand.


It will offer the customers to opportunity to get things at any time, and in every variety permutation and at any price – and must be smart and sustainable.

Customers want to know that they are part of the improvers in the sustainability chain.

The difference; is smart and sustainable.

We will improve the world, and we will improve the way we use the resources of this earth. It is changing times and it calls for transparency and insight.

A plan beats no plan.

We need to know the plan, the transparency, “smart and sustainable” is all about being able to experience and tell the story about what you are part of.

The journey we are on.

We must understand what we support.

To have a a plan; or not to have a plan. The difference makes all the difference, without a plan you shoot for trouble.

To sow a wind; you will havest a storm. Which is why; it is important what you do! they choice is early choosen.

The difference we seek.

Why do we need to improve and be better, change and become a new version?

One question?

Changes are opportunities – and we all want opportunities?

We want what is possible to achieve?

The new trend is smart and sustainable.

How do we see this in the world and how fast can you and your business adapt to what is needed now, yesterday is out, tomorrow is coming.

The best way to look into; how even country fails; is by looking at the war in Ukraine.

Puting a man trained and with a KGB mindset from- 60-70 years ago. Whos is a leader in a country, which he has manage to keep stoned back to the 1930, their inner development is not existing. The narative is that right now he believes that he holds the power of the future.

Ukraine a country of hard working people. A leader who has manage to develop a team, a belief into what they can become if they unite. Volodymyr Zelensky a powerful man, who know how to align with his audiance, never ever under estimate the power of those who can unite.

Putin may be smart, and believe more people want more of what he does. The west is FREE and FREEDOM to choose, need, want and desire. Putin and his family are in lead of the weak, powerless, none desire and less wise, he is the master of power and wealth.

Who wants to support a leader where you are nobody, gets nothing, and you cannot even speak your mind. How should creativity, desire, challenges and opportunities arise, it is not possible.

One the other side you have.

Volodymyr Zelensky – smart and sustainable.

A man who wants to build the people, not him self, the people will build him, because he builds the people.

The world is constantly changing, but it is not the country, the earth that changes – it’s we the people.

We want leaders who make us great, a people who we are, and what we do.

Rich from stealing is out, rich from making sustainable solutions are in and Eton Musk is the best example.

The world smart and sustainable.

This is not a new world. This is the world Putin created, he made us love FREEDOM and he is one of the main drivers in sustainability solutions, by being the oposite. People look at what he he does, and vote with the feet. Even his own country vote with the feet, they don’t do anything, they sleep and have been sleeping for 40 years.

FREE and FREEDOM is the the key to smart and sustainable, but you need creativity and belief in what you do. Eton Musk, a man who was in surroundings where his creativity to live. His mind was not killed. Leadership is not at all what you see. It is the power of understanding something else.

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